- WSL / Stephen Robertson
- WSL / Stephen Robertson

Taj Burrow (AUS) had to call on all his competitive experience to take out a close final at the QS1000 Komune Bali Pro presented by The Mad Hueys. Burrow was pushed to the limits by emerging 16-year-old Queensland surfer Ethan Ewing (AUS) in a close final held in high performance 3 to 4 foot surf at Keramas river mouth.

"This was such a fun event, but that was a serious final with Ethan really pushing me all the way and I really had to try my hardest to take the win," said Burrow in the pool after the Final.

"I love it here at Komune Resort Bali, we've scored great waves and had a fun time with some great mates so it's just been an awesome few days between CT (Championship Tour) events for me and I'm feeling good," said Burrow who went straight back to Australia and will then head to Brazil for his next CT event in a weeks time.

Flawless waves all event Taj Burrow lighting up Keramas in front of a big crowd. - WSL / Stephen Robertson

Ewing's performance was inspiring in the Final as he took it to Burrow and outscored him in two consecutive wave exchanges to take a solid early lead.

Ewing opened his scoring with a 7.75 early and Burrow chased that score but came up half a point short with a 7.25.

Shortly after on the next good set both surfers took great waves with Taj posting a long ride and an excellent 8.1 score but was again eclipsed by Ewing who scored an 8.50 to open up a potential winning lead and put pressure on Burrow.

A patient Burrow required an 8.16 and waited until the 8 minute mark to find his final ride, surfed it with power, style and flair and was rewarded with an 8.6 to finally take the lead and eventually the win.

Ewing continues to advance and is into the final 16 Ethan Ewing putting on a solid showing in Bali. - WSL / Stephen Robertson

"I knew Taj would find another excellent ride late in the final so I was never over confident about winning," said Ewing. "It's been a fantastic event for me and to surf against a competitor like Taj Burrow and be competitive gives me an enormous amount of confidence."

"I came here to get experience and I feel I really have surfing against these older surfers and I'll aim to take that experience into my Pro junior events now - the waves have been great and its just been an amazing event."

Burrow's best form was in his early Quarterfinal where he scored a perfect 10 for an outstanding barrel ride into combination power turns as he defeated local surfer Komang Promata (IND).

Ethan Ewing also scored consistent 9 point plus rides throughout the morning taking down Stuart Campbell (Great Britain) in the Quarterfinals and in an excellent Semifinal found a late 9.5 final ride to overtake Nic Vasicek (AUS) in the Semifinals.

The in-pool presentation highlighted the fun atmosphere around this entire event which is regarded by many as one of the most perfect competition set-ups on tour.

"I'd love to see a CT event return here, it's just an incredible setting for a competition and the wave is so much fun," said Burrow.

This year marks the second annual Komune Bali Pro which is dual sanctioned by the World Surf League and holds a QS1000 (Qualifying Series) rating and is also sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championship Tour.

More info - https://www.worldsurfleague.com/events/2015/mqs/1303/komune-bali-pro-pres-by-the-mad-hueys

Taj scoring a perfect 10
- WSL / Stephen Robertson
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Taj scoring a perfect 10
- WSL / Stephen Robertson
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