Highlights: Opening Rounds
The action at the Los Cabos Open of Surf kicked off in punchy conditions at Zippers.

Justine Dupont (FRA) found the gems of the day earning the single highest score with a 9.17 and backing it up with a 7.83 to take the highest heat total of the day, a 17.00, Dupont was stoked on her performance.

"There were some really good waves and you just had to be patient," Dupont said. "I'm so happy and feeling confident. Some heats there were no waves and during others there were a lot of sets. But my heat I was really fun and I was calm, and the waves came through."

The French native will take on Championship Tour (CT) surfer Silvana Lima (BRA) in the next round and is prepared with a solid foundation behind her. "The heats will just keep getting harder and harder but it feels good to start strong," Dupont said. "I only had the one heat today and it's great to win."

Holly Wawn (AUS) ripped her way through Heat 8, advancing ahead of Maddie Peterson (USA) with some impressive surfing in her first appearance at Zippers. Wawn earned the second highest single scoring wave and heat total of the day, a 9.10 and 15.72 respectively.

"I'd been watching it for a bit and it's really slow out there after calming down from the storm," Wawn said. "I just saw a bunch of girls get one wave then struggle to find a second. I ended up getting a little runner and a couple sets so it was really good."

Wawn is looking forward to getting back in the water tomorrow for her Round of 72 heat. "It was good to get some confidence," Wawn added. "I was pretty nervous because I haven't surfed a heat in a while so now it's on to the next heat - try to make a few more."

Zoe McDougall (HAW) earned a big win in her Round of 96 heat with a massive 9.00 single wave score. The young Hawaiian found form again in the Round of 72 advancing through in second. "I'm just stoked feeling at home with the warm water and beautiful weather," McDougall said. "Super fun waves and I'm just really enjoying it, having a lot fun."

The Hawaiian will take on CT threat Sage Erikson (USA) in the next round and is ready for a possible start tomorrow morning. "I'm hoping that the waves stay the same size," McDougall said. "No matter what were just trying to have fun. It's such a good wave here, a really good for a contest and I'm just really happy to be here."

Emily Gussoni (CRI) ground through two round of competition, advancing into Round 3, after just entering the QS division this morning. "I'm really happy, it's my first time competing here," Gussoni said. "I'm so happy I made those two heats and just continue to do what I can. I just came to have fun and now that I've made two heats I know that I can do much better."

Gussoni will have her work cut out for her in the Round of 48, taking on the top seeds, but has her focus set as she also prepares for the Junior Women's event. "Tomorrow I may have the Junior heats so I want to do much better than today," Gussoni said. "I came here just to compete in the Junior event but they had the space so I told my mom I'm going to do it. I just got in and since it's my first time I didn't want to sweat it a lot."

There will be a 7:30am call Wednesday, for a possible 8:00am Start. It will be decided tomorrow what division will take the water to begin the day, Women's QS6000, Junior Men's or Junior Women's.

For more information on the Los Cabos Open of Surf visit loscabosopenofsurf.com.

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