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After winning the JBU Supertrials, presented by RVCA, South African native Slade Prestwich will surf as one of two wildcards at the J-Bay Open in July. The five-year QS veteran combined deep bottom turns with powerful carves to wow judges in pumping waves at Supertubes. Get to know the wildcard before he paddles out for the next Championship Tour stop at Jeffreys Bay.

Prestwich Enters the Open Alongside the Elite
Get ready for racing walls of perfection off the wild coast of South Africa at this year's J-Bay Open.

Name: Slade Prestwich
Age: 20
Hometown: Durban
Stance: Regular

World Surf League: What was the toughest moment of the event for you? Either a tough wave, mental hurdle or something else?
Slade Prestwich: Paddling up the point after getting a really long wave in the final. My legs were hurting and I had to paddle really hard to get back up to the top to catch another wave.

WSL: What was the best moment?
Prestwich: Winning the JBU Supertrial is the best feeling ever. But [being] out in the water and seeing three sets coming through and knowing I could catch any of the waves I wanted was probably the best moment.

WSL: What's your take on going up against the world's best in the J-Bay Open?
Prestwich: I have nothing to lose and will give everything I have in the J-Bay Open. I love surfing at Supertubes and to get another chance to surf Supers with just one or two other guys in the water is going to be really cool.

Competitors Clash in the JBU Supertrials
Prestwich looked unstoppable in the perfect Supertubes surf, earning him a wildcard spot in this year's J-Bay Open.

WSL: Who among the Top 34 would you want to compete against the most, and why?
Prestwich: Without a doubt, Kelly Slater (USA). He is a total legend and surfs Supertubes really well. I would love to have the opportunity to surf against Kelly.

WSL: From who have you learned the most about surfing, and what did they teach you?
Prestwich: Dane Reynolds (USA). He has a great attitude towards surfing and what he does out in the water inspires me.

Catch Prestwich and the rest of the Top 34 at the J-Bay Open LIVE here daily from July 8-19.

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