Top European surfers and international competitors have flocked to the Moroccan shores to attend the inaugural Royal Moroccan Surfing Federation presents Quiksilver Pro Casablanca at Anfaplace, a men's QS1,500 event starting Tuesday in Casablanca.

The fifth event on the men's European Qualifying Series, this event will crown the 2015 European Champion and award the lucky winner a wildcard spot in all QS events of the first half of 2016. With reigning Champion Joan Duru (FRA) and current rankings No.1 Maxime Huscenot (FRA), not competing in Morocco, the door is wide opened for the next generation of athletes to swoop in and take the crown. The season tally to beat being at the 14,020 points mark, potentially up to twenty surfers could clinch the European title in Morocco, making for a super exciting event in Casablanca.

For the first time in the history of professional surfing, Morocco will host competitors from all-over the planet and witness high-performance surfing battles in the Casablanca waters. With a good forecast on the horizon, the Moroccan crowds of surf afficionados, local enthusiasts and tourists on vacation should be treated to a great show under the Moroccan sun.

About the Royal Moroccan Surfing Federation:
Since 2005, the Federation develops surfing through a diversity of events all-across the Moroccan shores and follows national surfers with not only diverse training programs but also financial support. Co-organizer of this event, its role in promoting and supporting the organization is undeniable. This inaugural competition will also be the occasion to discover the local talent pool of Moroccan surfers coming up.

About Anfaplace Shopping Center:
When Casablanca - the largest city of Morocco - was chosen to host this event, Anfapace Shopping Center mixing the city vibe and idyllic setup of a white-sanded beach was an obvious choice of location. A partnership with this brand new commercial center located right on the water's edge with a direct access to the beach allowed the event to happen in the best of conditions.

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