The 2015 Swatch Women's Pro and Hurley Pro at Trestles saw intense battles, a Jeep rankings shake-up and some good, old-fashioned debate. But now that the contests are over and the World's Best have moved on to Europe, you can savor the dance music that provided a backdrop to the drama, courtesy EDM duo ODESZA.

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ODESZA, "Say My Name"

Highlights: World's Best Perform in Perfect Playground
The Hurley Pro and Swatch Women's Pro kicked off with incredible conditions, with some surprises along the way.

Don't let the sunny, sophisticated veneer of "Say My Name" fool you: The duo behind the hit, Harrison "CatacombKid" Mills and Clayton "BeachesBeaches" Knight met in 2012 while still in college. The two were attending Western Washington University in Seattle when they teamed up to form ODESZA and started releasing tracks online. They stuck around school long enough to graduate, but began a blindingly fast rise to prominence before the ink had dried on their diplomas.

Their debut album, the dreamy, pop-infused Summer's Gone, put them on the musical map and left fans wanting more. In 2013, they released the EP My Friends Never Die and went on tour with EDM artist Pretty Lights. A year later, ODESZA released In Return and saw them hit the road for an international tour.

ODESZA, "Bloom"

Highlights: Fired Up for Round 2
A few unexpected standouts rose to the occasion at Lowers in the first elimination rounds.

With a prolific track record and only a few years in the public eye, the duo has built a significant fan base, garnered media attention in the US and beyond, and has licensed tracks for brands including Adidas, Target, Gand, GoPro, among others. On the global airwaves, ODESZA has become a darling of trend-setting channels including KCRW, Triple J, BBC Radio 1 and more. Over the next three months, fans can catch them live in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the U.S.

With so much ahead of them, the world for this duo is their danceable oyster.

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