- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari
Bede Durbidge vs. Pipeline
During his Round 3 heat against Keanu Asing, the veteran Tour surfer had a wipeout serious enough to take him out of the heat.

Bede Durbidge, a 12-year veteran of the elite Championship Tour, has withdrawn from the upcoming Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast as he's still recovering from the injuries he suffered at Pipeline in December. Fortunately, fans won't miss him completely: The upbeat Australian will be joining the WSL live broadcast to help commentate the event.

"I've always prided myself with looking after my physical health," Durbidge said. "In the 11 years on Tour, I've been fortunate enough to never miss an event due to injury until now.

Durbidge Slays in France
Not long before he was injured at Pipe, Durbidge was on fire in France, putting on performances like this one. He took down close friend and Title contender Mick Fanning, surfing all the way to the Final, where he battled then-reigning Champ Gabriel Medina.

"Even though I won't be competing at the Quiksilver Pro, I'll be down at the event commentating and supporting my mates," he continued. "I'm 10 weeks into my injury and the last three weeks have been filled with a lot of pool therapy, which I'm making great progress in my rehabilitation. I've been overwhelmed with all the support. I can't thank everyone enough for their well wishes and look forward to putting a jersey back on in the near future."

Durbidge's Pipe Prognosis
Reporting live from the 2015 Billabong Pipe Masters shortly after Durbidge injured himself, Strider Wasilewski updated fans on the Aussie's condition.

Along with his power in the water, Durbidge is known for his steely competitive savvy, which has helped win him elite contests in waves as diverse as Brazil's punchy beachbreaks, California's performance waves at Trestles, and Hawaii's famous barrel, Pipeline.

In 2015, Durbidge was on track to break the Top 10 on the Tour rankings with runner-Up finishes in Rio de Janeiro and Hossegor, before suffering a horrific injury at the final event of the season in Hawaii. The reef impact left Durbidge with a shattered pelvis and a considerable rehabilitation ahead of him.

Durbidge's spot at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast will be filled by fellow Australian Stuart Kennedy. Watch him live -- with Durbidge on the mic -- daily on the WSL website and app from March 10-21, local time.

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