- WSL / Kirstin
Sage Erikson stretching before Round 3 heat. Sage Erickson. Photo: Brett Skinner - WSL / Brett Skinner Gabriel Medina checks in with his step-father Charlie before his Round 1 heat. Gabriel Medina and step-father Charlie. Photo: Sherman - WSL / Steve Sherman With his recent partnership with Firewire, everyone wants to see Kelly Slater's new quiver. Kelly Slater. Photo: Kirstin - WSL / Kirstin Isabella Nichols warms up. Isabella Nichols getting ready for battle. Photo: Sherman - WSL
Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson welcome each other to the 2016 season. Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson. Photo: Kirstin - WSL / Kirstin Bianca Buitendag watching Round 3 unfold. Bianca Buitendag Photo: Brett Skinner - WSL / Brett Skinner Tatiana Weston-Webb warming up for Round 1. Tatiana Weston-Webb Photo: Kirstin - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz Michel Bourez and Jeremy Flores joking around in the competitors area. Michel Bourez and Jeremy Flores. Photo: Kirstin - WSL / Kirstin
Stephanie Gilmore warming up for her first heat. Stephanie Gilmore. Photo: - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz Sally Fitzgibbons taking a photo with a fan. Sally Fitzgibbons. Photo: Brett Skinner - WSL / Brett Skinner Wiggolly Dantas takes some time to look his best. Wiggolly Dantas maintaining his good looks. Photo: Sherman - WSL Trials winner Isabella Nichols putting away her first CT jersey. Isabella Nichols. Photo: Kirstin - WSL
A little pre-heat goofing between Heat 12 competitors Jack Freestone and Joel Parkinson. Joel Parkinson and Jack Freestone. Photo: Sherman - WSL / Steve Sherman Some last minute advice from vet Kelly Slater (left) to rookie Conner Coffin (right). Kelly Slater and Conner Coffin. Photo: Sherman - WSL / Steve Sherman Miguel Pupo and Jordy Smith prepare to face off in Round 1. Photo: WSL/Sherm Miguel Pupo and Jordy Smith. Photo: Sherman - WSL / Sherm Taj Burrow watching the contest with his newborn. WSL/Sherm Taj Burrow. Photo: Sherman - WSL / Sherm
Kolohe Andino checking in with Mike Parsons before Round 1. Kolohe Andino and Mike Parsons. Photo: Sherman - WSL / Sherman The Champ finds solitude before his first heat of 2016. Adriano de Souza. Photo: Kirstin - WSL / Kirstin Mick Fanning stops for one of his young fans. Mick Fanning. Photo: Kirstin - WSL / Kirstin Wade Carmichael joking around after his Round 1 heat. Wade Carmichael. Photo: Kirstin - WSL / Kirstin
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