- WSL / Ed Sloane
- WSL / Ed Sloane
Sebastian Zietz after winning the final. Zietz and Wilson hug it out after their tense battle in the Final. - WSL / Ed Sloane The crowd during the final. While there were only three heats left on the final day of competition at Margaret River the crowd returned in force. - WSL / Ed Sloane Coaches during the final. The Coaches' corner was tense at times. Julian Wilson's coach, Jake Patterson, was having some blood pressure issues during the Final. - WSL / Ed Sloane Sebastian Zietz is chaired to the beach as the 2016 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro winner. Zietz enjoying his best ride of the week. - WSL / Kelly Cestari
Matt Wilkinson getting a good luck kiss from his girlfriend. Matt Wilkinson's good luck kisses have been working pretty well this year. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Stephanie Gilmore with her coach before her Quarterfinal heat. Stephanie Gilmore has already realized that the increase of talent means nothing will be easy this year. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Leonardo Fioravanti after his round four heat win. Leonardo Fioravante became a crowd favorite with his inspiring performance and giant smile. - WSL / Ed Sloane An italian fan of Leonardo. The Italians are coming. - WSL / Ed Sloane
Nat Young prior to his quarter final heat. Nat Young stole some moments to soak in the beauty of Western Australia between heats. - WSL / Ed Sloane Kolohe Andino before his round four heat. Kolohe Andino is looking more determined than ever in 2016. - WSL / Ed Sloane Tyler Wright is the 2016 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Winner. Thanks to Tyler Wright and Matt Wilkinson, Coach Glenn 'Micro' Hall now has four CT wins under his belt in 2016. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Courtney Conlogue prior to the final. Courtney Conlogue's captured the hearts of local fans as a perennial performer there. - WSL / Ed Sloane
A view of the lineup from the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro competitor's area. A chance to warmup and lay out a game plan at the same time. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Courtney Conlogue with an excited fan. Courtney Conlogue with an avid fan. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Adrian Buchan arrives at the contest site with his daughter. Good luck charm: Ace Buchan with his daughter, Ruby. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Sally Fitzgibbons preps for her Round One heat. Sally Fitzgibbons's zone. - WSL / Ed Sloane
Belly, Leonardo Fioravanti, Tom Whitaker and Sebastian Zietz in the competitors area. Leonardo Fioravanti (second from left) and Tom Whitaker (second from right) share a light-hearted moment with Sebastian Zietz. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Matt Wilkinson tosses the footie with a fan. Wilkinson's entire pre-heat prep plan involves keeping it fun. - WSL / Ed Sloane Tyler Wright heads out to Round Three. Tyler Wright's tunnel vision. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Julian Wilson before his Round One heat. Julian Wilson's M.O.: wax on, take off. - WSL / Ed Sloane
Laura Enever getting some final coaching tips from Glenn Hall. Laura Enever getting some last-minute advice from Glenn Hall. - WSL / Ed Sloane Gabriel Medina changing boards during his Round One heat. Gabriel Medina notched a massive Round One heat total -- a 16.70 -- but it didn't come easy. After a rough ride on the rocks, Medina had to come in for a board change with help from stepdad/caddy Charlie. - WSL / Ed Sloane Sage Erickson heads out for Round One. Sage Erickson walked away with a solid 9th place finish. - WSL / Ed Sloane Adrian Buchan and Kelly Slater dissect Slater's Round One loss. After another tough loss at Main Break Kelly Slater talked it over with Ace Buchan. - WSL / Kelly Cestari
Stephanie Gilmore after her round four heat win. WSL analyst Pete Mel isn't the only one happy to see Steph Gilmore's return to form. - WSL / Ed Sloane John John Florence after his Round One heat. John John Florence signed more than one Mick Fanning jersey. #awkward - WSL / Kelly Cestari Taj Burrow prior to his Round Three heat. A quiet moment before Taj's last competitive heat in Oz. - WSL / Ed Sloane Bronte Macaulay and her father giving some love to the fans after her Round Three heat. Bronte Macaulay's contingency of local supporters. - WSL / Kelly Cestari
John John Florence after his Round Three elimination. A disappointed John John Florence packs his bags after a Round Three elimination. - WSL / Kelly Cestari
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