The 2016 World Surf League (WSL) Women's Qualification Series (QS) is in for a special summer. After past success at the Los Cabos Open of Surf, and last year's newly added Copa El Salvador Impresionate, the two events are back in the 2016 schedule. By moving the Copa El Salvador Impresionate up earlier in the year, it has created a new Latin American leg to the Women's QS tour that hasn't been done in years prior.

Californian Sage Erickson made a clear statement at Punta Roca, heading into Finals day. WSL/Nichols Sage Erickson showcased some of her best surfing on the La Libertad, El Salvador righthander to win last year's event. - WSL

Competing in El Salvador August 6-9 last year, the event will now be held June 15-19 directly following the Los Cabos Open of Surf June 7-12. It is a positive step in the right direction for Women's surfing and something Deputy Commissioner Jessi Miley-Dyer has advocated for in the past. As a former competitor on both the QS and Championship Tour level, she knows how important these events are to up-and-coming surfers. With the addition of Pichilemu Women's Pro held in Chile last year, these three events marked the only contests that featured solely the Women's QS action.

"To see a Women's QS6000 event return to the schedule is so exciting and something we're very proud of," Miley-Dyer said. "It's been a goal of mine stepping in as Deputy Commissioner to help push for these type of events and to see our sport grow along with the Men's side of competition. This is just the beginning and we're hoping to make the Women's QS even better in coming years with more opportunities for these amazing athletes to compete."

This is just the beginning and we're hoping to make the Women's QS even better for these amazing athletes to compete.

Both competitions offer a world-class right-hand pointbreak that surfers are able to showcase their full potential on.

Surfline Wave Guide - Zippers, San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico:

Another river mouth-created wave, Zippers peaks up outside of a stand of exposed rocks gently, allowing for a smooth, easy take-off. It then quickly whizzes almost laterally along the cobblestone reef, picking up speed as it heads towards its inside section, where tubes and air sections are commonplace. The wave maintains its size all the way down the line, which makes it a backsider's dream wave, since you can really dig your heels in and snap off the top progressively harder as you go along. It's one of those waves where you can incrementally improve your turns.

2015 Los Cabos Highlights
A look back at some of the high-performance action taking place at Zippers last year for the Women's QS6000.

Surfline Wave Guide - Punta Roca, La Libertad, El Salvador:

Surfing has become a big part of El Salvador's tourism boom, and once you see the place you'll know why. Though tiny, the country has more quality right-hand pointbreaks than just about anywhere on the planet. A natural footer's paradise. The Encyclopedia of Surfing states: "The Point at La Libertad is the country's most popular spot, and its long, powerful, well-foiled waves are often compared to Rincon in California." The cobblestone shoreline provides a task of getting in and out of the water, but that same terrain helps shape the wave into its beautiful form.

Copa El Salvador Impresionate Highlights
The Copa El Salvador Impresionante women's QS 6,000 determines Quarterfinalists in solid conditions on Day 3.
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