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Shonan, Kugenuma Kaigan, Fujisawa, Kanagawa (Monday, July 4th, 2016)

The waiting period will commence the coming July 11th, Monday for the 2016 WSL Japan Tour Event 2, the QS1500 event " MURASAKI SHONAN OPEN".

According to the weather charts the fronts and lows may produce strong south-west winds this weekend however after these fronts and lows pass through there is a chance for a tropical lows to be born along the area.

After monitoring the conditions the event will go in to the waiting period on Monday July 11th and the event has a good chance as of today that the event can go into action on Thursday.

With the lows and highs rapidly passing through from this weekend to the mid of next week, The event organizers look forward for positive signs for the coming week.

The main venue for the event will be Matsunami Intersection front of Chikado in Kugenuma Kaigan which is right in the center of Shonan Area.

Fujisawa city in Kanagawa Prof centered at iconic Enoshima is a well renowned area for tourists especially in the summer months.

The summer festa leading to the "Uminohi" Ocean day holiday for the next weekend should attract all attentions. After July 1st the beaches are officially in season in the Kanto regions.

Typhoon may produce epic surf to area and along with the next QS event to be held in the 20th week of July at Tahara city in Aichi Pref, this attracts the finest surfers worldwide to Japan for the 2 events.

The official waiting period for the 1500 event will commence July 11th, Monday, along with the body boarding JPBA event to commence July 16th, Saturday.

The event will go on stand by 48 hours prior to the event and event organizers will be on duty at the event headquarters to monitor the conditions 72 hours prior to the event. The official status will be indicated via internet starting 6PM on July 9th, Saturday to indicate the time for the first call for the coming day. Stay tuned to the topics or " 最新トピックス" in the center of the WSL Japan web page! http://www.wsljapantour.com/

2016 WSL Japan Tour Event 2, the Star event " MURASAKI SHONAN OPEN"will be held from July 11th, Monday to July 18th, Monday at Matsunami intersection Chikado in Kugenuma Kaigan.

For further information on MURASAKI SHONAN OPEN refer to official web page: http://www.worldsurfleague.jp/

■For further info contact ASP Japan Branch: 〒251-0037 2-16-2 Kugenuma Kaigan Fujisawa Kanagawa JAPAN Tel:0466-30-2888 FAX: 0466-30-2889 Email:office@worldsurfleagu.jp

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