- WSL / Guillaume Arrieta
- WSL / Guillaume Arrieta
Highlights 2016
Surfers take on fun little waves at night and put on a great show for the crowds at Anglet Surf de Nuit 2016.

Jorgann Couzinet won the Anglet Surf de Nuit in small, tricky surf at Chambre d'Amour last night, topping a stacked field of progressive surfers who came to enjoy this exciting night-surf format and battle for the coveted prizes.

Julien Thouron, Anglet 2016 Local Julien Thouron throws a little air to fire up the crowds. - WSL / Antoine JUSTES

Talented Reunion Island surfer and current European No. 2 Jorgann Couzinet made the most out of the bumpy surf and managed to get the most air time with a big, tail-high forehand rotation to clinch the prestigious Surf de Nuit title.

Jorgann Couzinet (FRA), Anglet 2016. Couzinet lays into a final turn to wrap things up after a good air - WSL / Guillaume Arrieta

"It was tough at first to get used to the board, but once I got a hang of it, it was fun!," he reflected.

"I couldn't believe people stuck around with the rain and thunder, the crowd was going off! Surfing in the dark is definitely extraordinary, even with all the balloons and LEDs on the board you never quite see as well as during the day. I've worked repeatedly to land those maneuvers so it's become kind of automatic now. I had loads of fun in this event and will definitely be back."

With his win last night, Couzinet clinches the highly coveted wildcard spot into the QS1,500 Pro Anglet, which will unfold next week from August 24-28, and a bonus 500€ cash prize.

Hailing from Guadeloupe, junior rising talent Leo Paul Etienne came a very close second with a similar rotation. His was just slightly lower above the lip but nonetheless got the crowds erupting under the pouring rain. Etienne in received a 300€ cash prize.

Leo Paul Etienne (FRA), Anglet 2016. Etienne's got an air game of his own. - WSL / Guillaume Arrieta

"I'm stoked to have been apart of this event, let alone finish second, last year I was invited but unfortunately it didn't happen," he commented. "I surfed the board for the first time in my heat and even though it's a bit heavier than usual they were fun boards. Surfing at night is awesome, I got a couple fun airs in the final to take second, there were a few ramps."

The remaining surfers unfortunately were not quite as composed in the tough conditions and had a hard time launching into aerial maneuvers. They were subsequently scored on their traditional power maneuvers but on a lesser scale.

David Le Boulch (FRA), Anglet 2016. Leboulch takes third place on the podium. - WSL / Guillaume Arrieta

Placing third was local rider David Leboulch, who clinched the 200€ cash prize. Full results below.


1 - Jorgann Couzinet
2 - Leo Paul Etienne
3 - David Leboulch
4 - Roland Lefeuvre
5 - Vincent Duvignac
6 - Thomas La Fonta


SF 1:
1 - Leo Paul Etienne
2 - Roland Lefeuvre
3 - David Leboulch
4 - Romain Laulhe
5 - Ramzi Boukhiam
6 - Thiago Tipas

SF 2:
1 - Jorgann Couzinet
2 - Thomas La Fonta
3 - Vincent Duvignac
4 - Julien Thouron
5 - Selim Barkat
6 - Justin Becret

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