- WSL / Thomas Lodin
- WSL / Thomas Lodin

WSL Europe Qualifying Series Official forecaster magicseaweed.com has just released the following forecast for the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro coming up this week from August 30 - September 4.

Forecast Pantin MSW, 2016 An interesting week should see good waves in Pantin - WSL / MagicSeaWeed.com

Below is a summary of the swell and wind activity over the next few days, for the full detailed forecast, please visit the Forecast tab on the event website.


You could hardly wish for a more interesting forecast for this event. With a series of Atlantic storms sending pulses of NW swell in a fun range for competition and a good chance of long period swell from Ex­Hurricane Gaston in combination with another timely NW pulse delivering solid surf for the weekend.

Tuesday August 30

A slow start with small NW swell. Better sets in the waist high range.

Wednesday August 31

A combination of small N and NW swells for reasonably consistent waist + waves but with tricky NE winds.

Thursday September 1

Combination pulse of mid period N and NW swells for punchy waves in the head high range with larger sets. With lighter NE winds.

Friday September 2

Fading NW swell, waves in the chest to head range on the better sets. Light NE winds.

Saturday / Sunday September 3-4

By some margin the most interesting swell on the forecast at the moment. A punchy long period NW swell from Ex­Hurricane Gaston combines with a decent mid period N swell from a low pressure system forecast for tomorrow. There is a much broader range of model numbers for this but the outlook at the moment puts waves in the head to head and a half range on the better sets by the afternoon with light NE winds. The details here will likely change as we watch these swells develop.

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