- WSL / Laurent Masurel
- WSL / Laurent Masurel

The Junior Qualifying Series (JQS) are a primordial stepping stone in every young surfer's career. They are the pathway towards the ultimate goal of joining the very best surfers in the World, competing on the Championship Tour.

In Europe, surfers under the age of 18, have a consistent series of five or six events every year to hone their skills and mature their surfing before they go on to tackle the highly infamous QS grind.

Justin Becret (FRA) Biscarosse Pro Junior 2016 The caliber of Junior surfing is through the roof and pushing every year - WSL / Damien Poullenot

One important aspect of the tour is to give young surfers an opportunity to experience different conditions, and where do you find some of the finest beach breaks on the planet ? Yep, France's South West.

Biscarrosse may be less known that its Southern counterpart of Hossegor but the fact of the matter is, the quality of the surf there is basically just as good, with only a fraction of the crowds.

Final Day Highlights Junior Pro Bisca 2016
Titouan Boyer and Ariane Ochoa win the inaugural Pro Junior event in Biscarrosse.

A quiet off-season resort, Bisca transforms into a vibrant summer destination for tens of thousands of beach and wave enthusiasts in July and August every year.

Last year's edition of the Junior Pro Biscarrosse revealed two great surfers in Titouan Boyer who later claimed the European Junior Title, and Ariane Ochoa who went on to place an amazing 3rd at the World Junior Championship in Kiama, Australia.

Titouan Boyer (MAF) Biscarosse Pro Junior 2016 Boyer won the inaugural event mostly above the lip - WSL / Damien Poullenot

Now, both of them will be too old to defend their title in Biscarrosse this season, which begs the question: who can come out of the woods in 2017 and claim the leading spots in European surfing's future ??

Find out here from April 28 - May 1 !

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