Former Championship Tour star Nathan Hedge is now leading the charge for The Mauli Ola Foundation in Australia. The group's purpose is to give kids suffering from cystic fibrosis a surf therapy session. The ocean's saline is a perfect natural remedy for the disease that mostly affects the lungs.

Mauli Ola Day

The Mauli Ola Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to uniting kids with genetic diseases to the healing powers of the ocean. When Hedge set up his latest surf session in Rainbow Bay, just down the beach from Snapper Rocks, he had no shortage of volunteers from the WSL to help. Adriano de Souza, Leonardo Fioravanti, Ezekiel Lau and Jamie O'Brien all jumped at the chance. It was a welcome day of joy for the kids, their parents, and the surfers.

Leonardo Fioavanti at the Mauli Ola Day at Snapper. Leonardo Fioravanti has been taking part in Mauli Ola's surf experience days for a few years. - WSL

According to the Foundation, "The ocean vapor opens up the air sacks in their lungs, so essentially they can breathe better. A lot of them will struggle with lung infections so the salt water is the perfect natural therapy."

"The friendships they build through these experiences helps inspire them to continue taking their medications, continue to eat right and continue to live an active lifestyle," said Hans Hagen, Mauli Ola's executive director.

Adriano De Souza at the Mauli Ola Foundation Adriano de Souza with a local boy. - WSL
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