- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari

Like most stops on the women's Championship Tour (CT), your usual suspects consistently dominate at Main Break, Margaret River. Plus, they've had one more year of experience there than the men's CT; in 2013 they had an elite event at Margie's while the men's event was still a Qualifying Series (QS)-level.

Carissa Moore of Hawaii during the Semifinals. Carissa Moore is especially dangerous in the wild conditions of Western Australia. - WSL / Ed Sloane

At the top, to no one's surprise sits Carissa Moore. She owns half of the total wins here and has missed making the Final just once, narrowly losing to eventual champ Tyler Wright in the 2016 semifinals. Riss owns the highest Heat Win Percentage at 85 percent, but it's Tyler who's completed the most Excellent Heats, with eight -- double Carissa's total.

The next best pair of women to watch at Main Break are Courtney Conlogue and Sally Fitzgibbons. Courtney brings the X-factor by making the past two finals and winning in 2015. She also owns the highest Average Heat Score of any woman on the CT, at 14.92.

Sally Fitzgibbons after advancing to the Quarterfinals. Sally Fitzgibbons seems to get fired up for the trip to Western Australia. She's been one of the most consistent performers on the women's side. - WSL / Kelly Cestari

While Sally has been steady with three 3rd's and one 5th, her heat scores been, on average, more than one full point less than Courtney's, and significantly less than those of Carissa and Tyler.

With that said, there isn't a whole lot of room for outsider success.

Courtney Conlogue winning her Quarterfinal heat. Courtney Conlogue will be heading into West Oz with extra motivation after a poor showing at the Roxy Pro. - WSL / Ed Sloane

Margaret River has somehow eluded Stephanie Gilmore so far, by her own ridiculously elite standards. She had a nasty foot injury back in 2015, yet has started on the right foot this year by again dominating the Roxy Pro Gold Coast. Momentum is on her side, but Steph's Average Heat Score here is only good for a pedestrian seventh-best overall, at 12.29. It will need to jump dramatically for her to raise that Margaret's trophy over her head.

If you're looking to break serve on the fantasy teams here, look no further than Tatiana Weston-Webb. Growing up in Hawaii has boosted her confidence in bigger surf and she's already thrown down three high-scoring heats in her two events here so far. That puts Tati's average per event at second-best among the women.

Tatiana Weston-Webb winning her Quarterfinal heat. Tatiana Weston-Webb is her own force of nature, so she's not at all intimidated by the wild conditions on tap in West Oz. - WSL / Ed Sloane

In Tier 3, Bianca Buitendag (this year's injury replacement, for Laura Enever) is another sneaker on a three-year run of semifinals who could potentially break through, while Malia Manuel has had the most past success of anyone in Tier 3, with a 40 percent Heat Win Percentage.

When it comes to predicting fantasy value for the women's Drug Aware Pro, it's time to bust out that crystal ball, because one wrong choice could have you flying down the overall ratings in WSL leagues.

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