- WSL / Matt Dunbar
- WSL / Matt Dunbar

The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro was the event which helped line John John Florence up for his second World Title, and set the stage for a tough battle throughout the year between three of Australia's best surfers, Tyler Wright, Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons.

Here are five must-watch heats from the event, which is showcased in this week's edition of WSL Rewind.

The Event Starts With A Bang At North Point
Part of the event ran at North Point, and it was pumping. Sebastian Zietz dropped one of the best perfect rides ever, in a heat against Filipe Toledo -- who was bringing an upgraded big-wave rail game to the party -- and Australia's Ethan Ewing.

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Round One, Heat 12
Filipe Toledo vs. Sebastian Zietz vs. Ethan Ewing

Sally finds Sixth Gear In A Battle With A (Then) Three-Time World Champion
Sally Fitzgibbons would go on to win the whole event, but first she needed to surf past the then three-time World Champion and long-time rival Carissa Moore, who took it all the way down to the wire. Sally banked a 9.73 to keep her dream alive.

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Quarterfinals Heat 4
Carissa Moore vs. Sally Fitzgibbons

John John Florence Raises The Bar So High That It's Hard To Believe
Florence spent the whole event unleashing huge carves that set a new standard for rail surfing, and which will be seared in the memory of surf fans for years to come. They were on show all event, but were absolutely mind-blowing in his semifinal against Australia's Jack Freestone.

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Semifinals, Heat 1
Jack Freestone vs John John Florence

Stephanie Gilmore Reminds Everyone Why She Has So Many World Titles
Seven-time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore showed her true colors in Round Three, where she was up against Tatiana Weston-Webb and Nikki Van Dijk. She was in last place and needed something special when she banked a 9.10 in the dying seconds to advance.

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Round Three Heat 3
Stephanie Gilmore vs. Tatiana Weston-Webb vs. Nikki Van Dijk

Kolohe Andino Bounces Back Against Filipe Toledo
Filipe Toledo was dominating the semifinal match up between him and Kolohe Andino, but the phenomenon from California fought back to take the win. Why is this so impressive? Up until this point, Toledo had never lost to Andino in a man-on-man heat.

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Semifinals, Heat 2
Filipe Toledo vs. Kolohe Andino
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