- WSL / Russel Ord
- WSL / Russel Ord

The world's best surfers are in Western Australia this week for Stop No. 2 of the WSL Championship Tour (CT), and all eyes are on the promising surf forecast.

West Oz, Drug Aware Margaret River Pro The North Point wall is optimal for today's high-caliber surfing. Top photo: Brent Savage by Russell Ord. - WSL / Russel Ord

All photos by Russell Ord

With a solid swell expected on the opening day of the waiting period, Commissioner Kieren Perrow is reviewing the option of running Round One of competition at North Point, a hollow righthand reef-point located about 10 miles north of Margaret River.

While less consistent than Main Break at Margaret River, the wave is a favorite among visiting Tour stars. It starts with a heavy drop and slabby tube section before giving way to a steep face rife with ramps, which is perfect for today's state-of-the-art aerial surfing.

North Point, WA John John Florence has big love for the money section at North Point. - WSL / Russel Ord

Not surprisingly, CT surfers are pretty excited by the notion. A good crew of them was warming up out there in Monday's testy conditions, including Kolohe Andino, Mikey Wright, Ace Buchan, Frederico Morais, Joan Duru, Lakey Peterson and Sally Fitzgibbons.

North Point has always been a backup location for the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, but to date, contest-worthy conditions there have never materialized during an event window. If competition does start there on Wednesday, then, it will be a historic first.

If North Point is doing its thing, most surfers on Tour feel it's worth the gamble. Commissioner Kieren Perrow was spotted sampling the goods out there on Monday.

North Point Occasional CT wildcard Jay Davies holds his line through North Point's fish bowl section. - WSL / Russel Ord

As of 12:01 am Tuesday morning in Western Australia, contestants are being told that the probability is high that Round One run at North Point. Stay tuned.

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