- WSL / Poullenot/Aquashot
- WSL / Poullenot/Aquashot

WSL Europe Qualifying Series Official forecaster magicseaweed.com has just released a first outlook for the Martinique Surf Pro coming up from April 1-8.

Forecast Martinique MSW A large storm is sending a perfect north pulse for the beginning of the event waiting period - WSL / MagicSeaWeed.com

Below is a summary of the swell and wind activity over the next few days, for the full detailed forecast, please visit the Forecast tab on the event website.


A series of late season storms push swell with perfect timing into the competition window.

While Saturday opens with a mix of left over north swell and a local wind swell, along with fresh winds onshore at times, the real interest is from Sunday on.

This should herald the arrival of a solid pulse of long period north swell. Enough to tick exposed peaks into the head and a half+ range and with lighter winds mostly off or cross shore.

This pulse fades slowly and is followed by a likely second in the middle of the week, although early signs are fresher winds with a hint more north in them as we move later into the window.

There'll be no shortage of swell on tap - with the chance to organise around the best tides and winds it's a great outlook for competition.

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