- WSL / Ed Sloane
- WSL / Ed Sloane

Following her Roxy Pro Gold Coast Quarterfinal loss to Lakey Peterson, reigning World Champ Tyler Wright gazed steely-eyed into the camera during her post-heat comments, the picture of composure in the face of disappointment. The look was part anger, part frustration, but the takeaway was that of a competitor already turning the page and moving on from an event she would be putting in her rear view mirror immediately.

World Champion Tyler Wright of Australia advances to the Quarterfinals of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro after winning her Round Four heat at the Main Break, Western Australia. Tyler Wright's power base is the key to her success. - WSL / Ed Sloane

At the Margaret River Pro, Wright has picked up where she left off after bulldozing her way to her first World Championship in 2016. Her low center of gravity, double pump bottom turns leading to grab rail cutbacks set the stage for fin-drifting top turns and dump section snaps. For Wright it's all in the hips and legs, and the chunky rights at Margaret's are no match for her power base. She's been the in form surfer of the event, never wavering from her approach and stealthy tactics.

Wright Family Story
A leading news magazine show Down Under pulls the curtain back on the famous siblings.

There's been heaps of media coverage circulating around the entire Wright family at the Drug Aware Pro. The family was featured on national Australian network TV, the focus of a news magazine's look at Tyler's rise to World Champion amidst the turmoil of brother Owen's serious brain injury and subsequent year away from the Mens Championship Tour. Despite all the media attention, Wright hasn't deviated from her task at hand.

Tyler Wright of Australia winning Heat 3 of Round One at the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro at Main Break, Western Australia. Back-to-back Finals at Drug Aware Magaret River Pro for Tyler Wright. - WSL / Matt Dunbar

Once the epitome of the "I'm just here to have fun and let the chips fall as they may" mantra, Wright's developed into a laser-focused, dogged competitor. No longer relying on talent and technique alone, she paddles out with intention and a plan, ready to execute with precision. And power. Always with power, the backbone for her unique competitive template.

Tyler Wright's Road to the Final
The reigning World Champion blazed her way into the Finals of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.
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