- WSL / Vitor Estrelinha
- WSL / Vitor Estrelinha

Nazaré, December 23, 2016

Hailing from Hawaii, Trevor Carlson has quickly grown into a full-blown waterman as only the North Shore of Oahu can breed and deliver. On top of that, Trevor initially trained as a paramedic, so he can take care of himself in most situations. He is a fitness freak and a nutrition fanatic, and right now he is obsessively (and compulsively) chasing the biggest waves in the world. His nose for the big sets and the deep sections has seen his profile rise on the Big Wave Tour, and his efforts did not escape the eyes of then-commissioner Peter Mel.

The 29-year old looked like he was set to make the big-time at the inaugural Nazaré Challenge -- making it to the Semifinals was testament to that -- but it was this wave a few days later that really turned heads. It also put him on the very short list for the TAG Heuer Biggest Wave Award.

The biggest waves at Nazaré all seem to come in at the same place in that wild, crazy and inimitable lineup, and on those whooped up peaks, the rides run fat while the lefts go square as they funnel off toward the beachbreak. This wave of Trevor's is just that -- a gigantic peak that runs off toward the beach with Trevor falling out of the sky to get to the bottom and start the race for the channel. Will it win the coveted TAG Heuer XXL Award?

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