The Right, Western Australia May 16, 2016

This startling image was taken on the same day as Brad Norris, and is equal if not greater in brutality and in risk.

Dan Ryan is somewhat of an anomaly in surfing and in big rights. The man was originally a fearless bodyboarder who surfed the bombies and slabs that he could find around the world, on his stomach. He won bodyboarding titles and he charged harder than most before he took to stand-up surfing, and grabbing the tow rope.

Dan at Teahupo'o showing pure bodyboarding fearlessness:

If you understand the mentality of someone that unafraid, then it's obvious that he was going to get drawn to a wave like The Right, and getting towed into the most serious and scary of all the waves around.

Dan is a quiet and reserved kind of guy who gets his fix from surfing and bodyboarding the heaviest waves he can find. This wave at The Right is a serious slab, and he is so far back, but obviously traveling at incredible speed. It's a crazy place to be in - that deep and that precarious on such a heavy wave - but if anyone is going to do it, it's a guy like Dan.

Currently working in the mines, Dan still finds the time to get out there and grab a rope when the going gets really heavy and even the photographers get nervous. A very good contender for this event.

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