- WSL / Guillaume Arrieta
- WSL / Guillaume Arrieta

Nic Lamb, Santa Cruz, California, USA Big Wave Tour ranking: Seventh

Young Mr. Lamb is another surfer who is pushing the envelope for the new school, and has proven time and again that when it comes to going hard, putting your head down and hauling it over the ledge, nothing will stop him. He has a vision and he is doing whatever he can do to realize that dream.

"On paper you could say that it was my best season yet," said Lamb of his recent performances. "I was in four Finals and I had one win. I was injured all last year however, and although I didn't let it stop me from showing up to perform and do my job, I was far from 100%. No excuses, but nothing would stop me from showing up to compete in big waves with big money on the line."

Lamb has also been a constant vocal supporter of the sport of Big Wave Surfing, and knows that he is going to play a part in the next wave, whatever it might be. "I believe in the sport of Big Wave Surfing and the Big Wave Tour has the ability to cross over into pop culture," reckons Lamb. "When that happens, views will go up and so will sponsorship dollars which will produce larger prize purses for the athletes."

When questioned, what does Lamb actually think his involvement will be, the actual nuts and bolts of his positive association with the sport? "My involvement with the sport is that I am going to be instrumental in pushing BWT into pop culture," reckons lamb. "I also aim to win events and titles in an exciting fashion."

Lamb has a long and illustrious career ahead of him, and his performances combined with his positivism and gung-ho approach see him as a nominee in the Surfline Performance Of The Year Awards. His sterling performances include a fourth at the Pe'ahi Challenge as well as a fifth place at the Nazaré Challenge despite a possible concussion and serious rattling after two horrendous back-to-back wipeouts in those heaving lefts.

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