Kai Lenny, Haiku, Hawaii, USA Big Wave Tour ranking: Tenth

Kai Lenny is an anomaly in big wave surfing. He is incredibly well-known and his performances are spoken about the world over, but he has yet to do anything really mind-blowing in a contest arena. All of his incredible performances and exploits have come from the freesurfing genre, and it's working for him.

As one of the avant garde surfers out at Jaws on any swell, with his mix of experimental, radical and unorthodox approach to big wave surfing at Jaws, it was a matter of time before he received full recognition for his big wave prowess.

"This year I felt the hunger for more big sessions to push my level as a big wave surfer," reckoned Lenny. "I really did my best to push myself and my performances. Every wave I rode I did it with conviction and focus towards my dream goal. Ride the biggest waves and surf them as if they were small!"

Being part of the new school of big wave surfers, Kai has seen some extraordinary things this last season and understands the consequences of what is transpiring right now.

"Every year the sport gets elevated with each big session. This year in particular we have seen some new blood in the mix, who by my perspective have been fearless with going on waves of incredible consequence in extraordinary positions," reckons Lenny. "The growth of the sport is so strong, and there are many of us who, with every big wave ridden, want to push the boundaries just a little bit further."

As mentioned, it is Lenny's vision that saw him recognized for a Surfline Performance Of The Year Award."My dream of the future of big wave surfing is riding these monster waves as if they were small," says Lenny. "My idea of next level performance is massive turns and huge aerials. Over the next several years I'd like to see it go in that direction."

Along that line, Lenny has his clear-cut goals."I want to score massive Pe'ahi and ride it to the best of my imagination," reckons Lenny. "Then I want to take what I learn here in my backyard and test it out at the best big waves around the world. I am also super motivated to compete and win on the Big Wave World Tour, I really love competing and big waves so the two put together is a dream situation."

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