- WSL / Tony Heff
- WSL / Tony Heff

Francisco Porcella, Sardegna, Italy and Maui, Hawaii Big Wave Tour ranking: Thirty seventh.

Francisco Porcella has had a break-out year in the big wave scene, and has dominated sessions, news coverage as well as entries into the WSL Big Wave Awards. He is currently nominated for the Billabong Ride Of The Year category, the TAG Heuer XXL Biggest Wave Award, and the Surfline Performance Of The Year Award, three very impressive categories to have under your belt.

He knows that he's had a good run, and it all stems from his attitude and solid approach to the big storms over the last year.

"It has been a great year," reflects Porcella. "At the end of last winter's epic El Nino season in Hawaii we had Jaws going off every week. It was something special and testing on all fronts. It gave me so much more confidence and practice on my backhand, week after week, not missing one swell at Pe'ahi."

Porcella then started his mission in earnest and started chasing swells. From Fiji to The Right, to Punta De Lobos in Chile, before some Pipe, then Nazaré and finally Mavericks with everyone remembering the airdrop-to-butt ride wipe-out.

"My last mission to Nazaré from Hawaii payed off. It was a tricky long day for us but at the end it payed off with the bomb I caught, which is now in contention for Ride of the Year and Biggest Wave Awards. I'm feeling good and I can't wait for the next big swell."

Porcella is chomping at the bit to get going on the Big Wave Tour and to show the world what he can do."I honestly can't wait to see how this next Big Wave Tour is going to look," said Porcella. "There is a fresh new energy of us hungry to show the world what we can do in competition, and bringing it to that next level."

That's not all for the Italian. Not quite."I want to win the Big Wave World Tour, and keep charging and getting the Ride of the Year, the Performance of the Year, the Biggest Wave of the Year awards. I want to get into the belly of the beast and come out reborn, feeling alive and mesmerized by the beauty and power of Mother Nature. I've got to say, it gets pretty addictive."

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