- WSL / Antoine JUSTES
- WSL / Antoine JUSTES
Teaser: Anglet Surf de Nuit
Get excited for the 24th edition of the Anglet Surf de Nuit this summer!

This is one of our most exciting events all year, and it's coming back on Friday, August 18!! The Anglet Night Surf is an institution and has been a classic fun night for the odd last 25 years or so.

Hang on a second to your "this is dinner time for sharks" comments, and let us remind you we're talking southwest France here, where the big fish threat is virtually non-existent!

Justin Becret, Anglet 2016 Justin Becret will be back to defend the Billabong flag in this edition. - WSL / Antoine JUSTES

So what are we talking about exactly?

This summer, the event changes slightly its format to now include women athletes as well, and run as a team expression session. So far, six teams have signed up and aligned a roster of three surfers:

Quiksilver: Marco Mignot, Noa Dupouy and Juliette Lacome.
Rip Curl: Vincent Duvignac, Timothee Bisso and Pauline Ado.
Billabong: Tiago Carrique, Gaizka Housset and Ana Morau .
So├Âruz: Jorgann Couzinet, Thomas Debierre and Tessa Thyssen.
Hurley: Iker Amatriain, Dean Vandewalle and Mahina Maeda.
Lastage: Romain Laulhe, Julien Thouron and Neis Lartigue.

There will be three heats of six surfers, each surfer represents his/her team and a general ranking will be decided by adding the results of all three heats. The winning team gets a couple of wildcards for the main event, the Pro Anglet coming up right the following week.

And how will we see anything if it runs at night ?

Now that's where the fun begins, the lineup is populated with massive helium balloons and the surfers' boards are laminated with LEDs lights of different colors!

Leo Paul Etienne, Anglet 2016 The combo helium-balloons and LED boards make up a great visual experience. - WSL / Antoine JUSTES

And because simply waiting patiently for the sun to set would be boring, we've got a whole little program to keep you entertained before the expression session even starts!

Starting at 2 p.m, a giant outdoor screen will show surf films to get you amped. At 8 p.m, Queen of Diamonds will light up the main stage with a concert.

At 9 p.m we actually start the event but you can still dance to the tunes of Martin Martin and finally about 12 a.m we'll get our winners crowned!

And then what?

Harrison Mann (AUS) .Anglet16 Then, some of this ;) - WSL / Laurent Masurel

Well if you happen to miss the night surf expression session, or you just want more, we've got you covered with the Pro Anglet the following week from August 22-26.

Teaser: Anglet Welcomes Pro Surfing Back to French Basque Country
The iconic Chambre d'Amour readies to host the third edition of the Pro Anglet.

The city of Anglet and the event's partners have teamed up to bring you loads of fun activities: trials for the main event between Saturday Aug.19 and Monday Aug.21, movie screenings, concerts and BMX / Trial bike demos by Monster Energy are just a piece of the action!

Check out all the photos, videos, LIVE webcast of the Anglet Surf de Nuit right here!

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