- WSL / Thomas Lodin
- WSL / Thomas Lodin
Highlights: Amazing Night Show at 2017 Surf de Nuit
18 surfers shred the Chambre d'Amour lineup at night to fight for the prestigious Anglet Surf de Nuit title and a wildcard into the upcoming QS1,500 Pro Anglet.

The Anglet Night Surf just wrapped up with the victory of Team Rip Curl at the end of three exciting heats of night surfing. The event started at dusk and ran through three heats to crown the winning team in front of a capacity crowd estimated at about 20,000.

In the first heat, Team Soöruz got the upper hand with young ripper Thomas Debierre smashing the fun, two-to-three foot peaks at Chambre d'Amour. Thomas had just lost in the Qualifying Series event in Lacanau earlier and made the drive down to Anglet to represent his brand and fight for a wildcard for the Pro Anglet next week.

Crowd at Surf de Nuit Massive crowds gathered to watch the action unfold. - WSL / Thomas Lodin

"It's pretty impressive to see all those people on the beach," he said. "There was such a fun vibe out in the lineup, we were all here to have fun and represent our team in a friendly spirit. I'm stoked to give Soöruz a first point and I'll cheer on Tessa and Jorgann in the next two!"

World No. 13 Pauline Ado won the second heat to give Team Rip Curl an important point before the final showdown of Heat 3. Pauline absolutely ripped the Anglet waves and although she was a little slow to get her heat underway, when she put the pedal to the metal nobody could match her flow in her home spot lineup.

ADO Pauline  Surf de Nuit 2017 Pauline on the launch pad, up close and personal. - WSL / Guillaume Arrieta

"I can't believe so many people showed up to watch us surf tonight," she said. "It's awesome to be a part of it this year, honestly us girls have been looking at it quite enviously these past few years. It's really beautiful out there, but pretty confusing cause you only see the waves right when they hit you pretty much, so you have to be sharp and alert at all times."

The third and final heat came down to the wire with all six surfers putting on an unbelievable show with huge turns and rotations in the fun waves the Chambre d'Amour delivered. When the dust settled, Vincent Duvignac came out on top partly thanks to the biggest forehand rotation of the night, to give his team the winning point.

Vincent Duvignac (FRA) Surf de Nuit 2017 Duvi grabs the rail, and the winners trophy in the process. - WSL / Guillaume Arrieta

"I'm super stoked to win with the team tonight, we're going to proudly showcase that awesome trophy in our Rip Curl offices," he said. "Thanks everyone who showed up to support us and the city of Anglet and WSL for putting it on, it was a lot of fun to be a part of."

Vincent Duvignac and young Rip Curl rider Ellie Turner have been awarded the coveted wildcard slots in the QS 1,500 Pro Anglet starting Tuesday, August 22.

Full results:

Overall Standings:
1- Team Rip Curl
2- Team Soöruz
3- Team Quiksilver / Roxy
4- Team Lastage
5- Team Billabong
6- Team Hurley

Heat 1:
1- Thomas Debierre 13.00
2- Gearoid McDaid 12.50
3- Gaizka Housset 12.23
4- Noa Dupouy 9.67
5- Julien Thouron 8.60
6- Dean Vandewalle 4.90

Heat 2:
1- Pauline Ado 15.10
2- Tessa Thyssen 14.00
3- Neis Lartigue 7.90
4- Juliette Lacome 7.10
5- Ana Morau 6.63
6- Mahina Maeda 6.17

Heat 3:
1- Vincent Duvignac 13.57
2- Jorgann Couzinet 13.33
3- Mathis Crozon 12.30
4- Romain Laulhe 11.56
5- Tiago Carrique 11.50
6- Iker Amatriain 8.67

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