Kai Lenny's Road to Victory

Kai Lenny's Road to Victory

Kai Lenny's remarkable career got another huge boost Monday with his win at the Puerto Escondido Challenge. It's the first Big Wave Tour win for the celebrated Hawaiian waterman, who elected to pass on the world famous Molokai 2 Oahu paddleboard race over the weekend to come and surf the event in Mainland Mexico. Lenny's journey was anything but easy. Puerto Escondido was abusing everyone that came near it today, with thick, 25-foot waves pounding the sandbars. Lenny waited all day for one of the huge gaping barrels to let him out cleanly. In the end, it came right when he needed it most, in the closing minute of the Final. His huge stand-up tube secured him a big comeback win, making it all the sweeter.


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