- WSL / Laurent Masurel
- WSL / Laurent Masurel
Highlights: Massive Scores and Big Upsets in Casablanca
The Anfaplace Pro Casablanca launches and delivers an action-packed day of competition including massive scores and the event's first shocking upsets.

This time around the fog thinned out bright and early and gave way to an exciting (almost) opening day of competition at the Anfaplace Pro Casablanca. The remaining seven minutes of Round One, Heat 1 were finally completed, and 20 more heats followed.

A mix of European, international and local talent put on an amazing show all day; let's dig a little further into some of the best action on Day 2.

Jacob Willcox was the first surfer to drop a massive score today, surfing a solid set wave to near-perfection for a 9.27 and a combined heat total of 16.44. Jacob matched the ocean's energy with power turns to make his way into Round Two.

Nelson Cloarec (FRA) .Casa Pro 2017 The kind of sections Anfaplace served up all day, Nelson Cloarec in action. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"It's good to finally surf a good heat, I had a shocker in the last two QS6,000," he said. "I just wanted to come down here and try to surf a few decent heats before heading down to Cascais. It's hard to get out there and then you have to be cautious about what waves you take, maybe avoid the first one of the set. Me and my mom have always wanted to come to Morocco so I'm taking heaps of pictures of everything for her, and I like the place, it's pretty cool."

Out of the 10 Moroccans in Round Two, only one survived Day Two of action. Rabat's Jade Azami surprised everyone with his high-power approach in the heavy sections. The 22-year-old from up the coast was one of the three surfers who debuted their Casa campaign yesterday and had to wait a whole 24 hours to complete the seven minutes remaining of their heat when it was put on hold due to the fog.

When conditions cleared today, Jade first secured a spot in Round Two before lighting up to take his first-ever QS heat win over Frenchman Tom Cloarec.

Jade Azami (MAR).Casa Pro 2017 Jade celebrated his win with friends on the beach. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"We have very good waves up in Rabat where I live so I have to say I don't come very often down this way," he admitted. "Those seven minutes were pretty much the longest heat of my life with all the wait. In that second heat I'm super proud to take a good score like this, it was two turns on a very good wave. I'm doing a Master's degree in renewable energies so I haven't had much time to surf and compete this year but hopefully soon when I graduate I can travel a bit and surf more."

Ramzi Boukhiam's early exit at the hands of Brazil's Luel Felipe and Raoni Monteiro came as a massive heartbreak for the large local crowds. Still, their enthusiasm when Ramzi came in was intact as he signed autographs and indulged all the selfie-takers all the way from shore to the event site.

Cristobal De Col and Adrian Garcia made up a full Peruvian winning lineup in Heat 3 of the second round. Cristobal attacked a big wave on his backhand for a 9.13 and ultimately a 16.50 combo win. After two disappointing 73rd places in Pantin and Azores, he's main goal in Casa is to rebuild a little bit of confidence before his next events of 2017.

Cristobal De Col (PER) .Casa Pro 2017 Cristobal hit the money sections for his huge scores and spot in Round Three. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"Adrian and I have competed together for ages, we train and travel together as well," Cristobal said. "We're very good friends and it's awesome to advance together. Once in the water it's different, if we can make it together it's priceless but you need to focus on yourself first. I was lucky to find that wave right at the start, as soon as I started on it I saw a big double up wall and went for two turns that were pretty good. I'm staying with a local friend who lives here and I'm really enjoying the experience, it reminds me a lot of home."

The level continued to raise through the afternoon with the like of Tomas Fernandes and Mihimana Braye getting scores above 9 points as well for their spot into Round Three.

Event officials and surfers will reconvene at 9 a.m Thursday for a potential start of the women's event, or the remaining four heats of men's Round Two. Surfers and the public will also have the opportunity to wake up with a free yoga session at 8 a.m on site.

While most were busy looking out to the lineup for some impressive surfing, on land the Crossfit space got busy with people coming to either discover or train with all the equipment available and coaching on site.

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