Highlights From a Magical Day On The Surf Ranch

Kelly Slater has had his fair share of good days, but he called Tuesday's test event at The Surf Ranch the best of his life. After more than a dozen years of hard work on his stunning passion project, who can blame him. This was the day things got very real for the Slater, as his vision for the future of pro surfing came to life: the day the big screens went up, the day the fans lined the pool, judges climbed their towers, and competitors embraced experimenting with a new format.

Yes, there was a competition on Tuesday. And for what it's worth Carissa Moore and Gabriel Medina came out on top. But the competition wasn't even half the story. Slater and the World Surf League are nowhere near done refining this thing. Today's gathering of the tribes was really just the next step in crowd sourcing valuable feedback on a massive scale...Here's just a bit of what they were looking at.

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