Designed to give one lucky dreamer the opportunity to work in Hawaii for a period of six weeks during the Triple Crown of Surfing in November, the WSL Dream Job is being opened up for fan voting via Facebook likes. This vote will determine the top 3 finalists.

The winner will be the head of a newly created department: Ambassador of Stoke and Leisure. This position will be ran out of the Hawaii office on the North Shore and will include important initiatives such as chilling as much as possible and bragging about it online.

You can only vote once for each candidate and the voting will close on October 22. Click here to cast your vote!

Meet the Finalists:

1. Jason Field: "There are two types of people in this world: Gas Stations and Vampires. The first give energy, peace and confidence to spaces they enter and people they encounter. The latter takes. Ask friends, ask family, ask the haters, ask a stranger in the street - they'll tell you I'm the biggest gas station around. I use practices such as yoga, meditation, earthing, surfing and skating to fill my energy tank - not other people. Let's make magic in Hawaii legends, we got this!" Vote for Jason here.

2. Linda Aulbach: "I'm stoked about surfing, coconuts, shells, people, stray dogs, mangos, sand between my toes, sunlight, sand in my wetsuit, bonfires, sand in my bed, moonshine, acoustic guitars, flashmobs, sand in my bikini, waves, tanlines, jokes, candles, shiny cockroaches, smell of herbs, sunsets, sunrises, dancing in the rain (only when it's warm), sand in my shoes, salty skin, superfood, tangled hair after a good wipeout, wipeouts (!!), sand in my luggage, laughing, doing yoga, having fun, being spontaneous and just living the dream." Vote for Linda here.

3. Mariana Estela: "I've been working and traveling for a long time and I absolutely LOVED it. One of my destinations was Hawaï, I lived there for 3 months and I honestly fell in love with that place. The vibes, the surfing, the food, the weather, everything was just unreal. I'm so stoked about this opportunity because I know I have what it takes ; the personality, the abilities, the good vibe and oooh, so much more you can't even imagine." Vote for Mariana here.

4. Sara Guix: "I was born stoked. Stoked about life and everything happening around me. That is why I became a filmmaker and a part time traveler! I want to capture every sunset and every wave, eat as much coconut as i can and .. why not? share one with John John Florence!" Vote for Sara here.

5. Scotty Kennedy: "I'm stoked because opportunities exist in this spectacular world of ours for those of us who have the cahoonas to stand up and ride that sensational wave into the unknown on the pursuit of adventure and truth, make no mistake, I have those cahoonas and I'm ready for this challenge if given the opportunity." Vote for Scotty here.

6. Adam Bartoshesky: "I love challenges and doing things that get my adrenaline pumping, and documenting it every step of the way. Everything I have done, seen, and accomplished this far in my life has led me to this point. I could not feel more prepared for any position in the entire world. It would be so epic to have this opportunity!! Yewwwwwww!" Vote for Adam here.

7. Zach Brown: "Whether I get the position or not, I'm way too obsessed with filmmaking, photography, travel, surf, and the world of adventure to ever give up the dream. With that being said, you guys should probably (definitely) pick me. I would love to have the chance to share the amazing things the World Surf League does and ultimately get everyone as pumped about living life as I am. Let's spread the stoke together." Vote for Zach here.

8. Pat McDonough: "My friends call me the motor because I never stop. And I don't want to stop. There is so much to see and experience in this life, and I'm constantly trying to squeeze the most out of it. I've been told my spirit animal is a yellow labrador. I am a man's best friend. People like hanging out with me and I like hanging out with people. I'd love to hang out with YOU PEOPLE (you people?) for 6 weeks . . . maybe longer? Slide into my DMs. Let's see what happens." Vote for Pat here.

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