- WSL / Kurt Steinmfetz
- WSL / Kurt Steinmfetz
2015 WSL Women's North America Longboard Championship winner, Rachael Tilly (USA). WSL/ Kurt Steinmetz The search for a new North America Regional Longboard Champion has been postponed due to unfavorable conditions and Rachael Tilly awaits to defend that title. - WSL / Kurt Steinmfetz

The Miss and Mr. Malibu Pro Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) 1,000 contest at First Point, Malibu, Calfornia to be held November 3 through 5 will be postponed upon request from event promoters and thorough consultation with the Surfer's Representatives and WSL Commissioner's Office. There are no new event dates and details at this time, but event organizers are working together toward the best competition possible for the only North America WSL longboard qualifying event.

The reasons for the postponement are an extremely marginal forecast for minimal swell, along with extreme full moon tides with bad wind and rain at the end of the weekend. While there may be rideable waves at First Point Malibu forecast, we do not expect that they will be adequately contestable, thus being unfair to all competitors to continue with the event. North America Tour Manager Brian Robbins kept close tabs on the forecast to move forward with site construction or hopes of a backup site, but neither came to fruition.

Malibu With no waves like these offer for competitors, event organizers await for the pristine break of First Point to come to life. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

"We're all really disappointed to not run this event after all the work that went into building it with our Malibu event team," Robbins said. "This was an important event to our regional longboarders for a chance at qualifying and we will still be looking at further options amid our Qualifying Series and Junior Tour schedule that are to be finished this month. We can't thank Sean and Monique enough for their support and making this event a reality, and we're hoping to see it through."

The decision was made early in the week with the hopes of minimalizing any wasted effort from the surfers to prepare and travel to the event site on Friday, only to learn the conditions for the event window are not contestable. We are confident this is the right thing to do for everyone involved; namely competitors, sponsors and fans. Showcasing talent and providing fair competition is paramount to the WSL.

Rachael Tilly (USA) .Newquay16 Tilly serves as one of the ambassadors for the Longboard Tour and was involved with the all-important decision to postpone the event. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

2015 WSL Longboard Champion Rachael Tilly is one of two Surfer's Representatives that meet with the Commissioner's Office on matters toward the Longboard Tour. Tilly and the rest of the competitive field were ecstatic heading into this event after a drought of events within the region, but remain hopeful for future opportunities.

"Overall, I think it was a good decision since the North American Championships should be held in the best conditions possible because it's a prestigious title everyone is competing for," Tilly said. "There's nothing worse than losing out because the waves didn't offer the opportunity to showcase your potential. While it is disappointing to see the swell not provide, I am thankful the WSL coordinators are holding out for a better swell and better event rather than making us run in poor conditions. There was a lot of excitement around it and both the men and women's divisions filled up to the max which is so encouraging. I have full confidence this event will run once the conditions provide. All the components to a great event are available and now it's time to wait upon the swell. Once all the factors do come together, I'll be looking forward to competing against the girls and giving my all."

Kirra Kehoe Kirra Kehoe came in as one of the event organizers alongside her family. - WSL / Progressive Photo Imaging

Sean Kehoe, along with his wife Monique and their team at Good Entertainment, still have high expectations for The Miss and Mr. Malibu Pro to run on all cylinders once the ocean cooperates and are set to get things underway at a moment's notice. They know what this event means to the longboard community and the WSL competitors striving to find their way among the ranks.

"After much consideration together with the WSL we have made a joint decision to postpone the event due to a poor surf forecast showing uncontestable waves," Kehoe said. "We will continue to work with the North America WSL office to announce the rescheduled date. I'm sure it's understood how difficult of a decision this has been after watching wave after wave for the last three weeks at Malibu. It's a bummer knowing how excited we all are for this to be a reality making dreams come true. For now we all have something to continue to look forward to at the world famous break in Malibu and the good news is we are in search of the best possible swell in North America."

More updates will be published as they come in on the rescheduling of The Miss and Mr. Malibu Pro.

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