Jackson's Ranch Run
Shane Dorian's son (and Kelly Slater's godson) gets the best tube riding lesson ever at the Surf Ranch.

It's good to be Jackson Dorian. The son of former Championship Tour star and big-wave ruler Shane Dorian, as well as the godson of Kelly Slater, gets to see and experience things most kids will only dream about. If you're a follower of Shane and Kelly you're already familiar with Jackson's toothy grin and a bleached-blond mop of hair. His Big Island upbringing is one we've been enjoying watching for years via various Instagram accounts. We got our first looks when he was a five-year-old muppet, terrorizing his backyard mini-ramp on his skateboard. It was only a matter of time before he hit the water, and these days the 11-year-old phenom is equally adept at surfing.

So why the trip to the Surf Ranch? Slater said he just wanted to see someone of his size, and talent, surf the wave. The pint-sized prodigy, who's surfed some high quality waves in his short surf career, was understandably awed by the perfection of the Surf Ranch. "I'm excited and baffled right now," said Jackson, who was clearly over the moon at the opportunity to ride uncle Kelly's wave. His dad was equally impressed, "I just watched him get the wave of his life."

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