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Teaser: Tenerife Welcomes Stop N°2 of European QS
European surfers catch a sunny winter break in Tenerife for Stop No. 2 on the regional Qualifying Series, the Las Americas Pro Tenerife.

Below is a summary of the swell and wind activity over the next few days, for the full detailed forecast, please visit the Forecast tab on the event website.

Brief Overview:

Older NNW swell will be easing opening day. Small northerly trade swell is the main source of surf first couple of days of the event window. Northerly trade swell/small NW swell mix through midweek. A little stronger Northerly trade swell is on the radar last few days of event window. Also some South Atlantic activity mixes in a long period but small S swell pulse.


The North Atlantic storm track will be more zonal for the weekend through early to mid next week. This is not favorable for NW swell generation in the North Atlantic.

We are mainly looking at older leftover NW swell for Monday that will be easing through the day. Some N trade windswell will mix in and will the main source of surf for well exposed spots.

Winds currently in place over the Labrador Sea will mix in some small NW/NNW swell around midweek for well exposed spots. Beyond that winds between the Azores ridge and low pressure near the Africa coast NNE of the islands set up potential low/mid period N swell toward the final few days of the event window.

Finally, some South Atlantic activity in place now is expected to send a small long period southerly swell pulse for well exposed spots around Friday/Saturday of next week.

To track this for next week please check out these tools available on Magicseaweed:

La Izquierda Spot Forecast
Canary Island Swell Charts

Official Las Americas Pro Tenerife Forecast by MSW Late week forecast showing small northerly swell for Tenerife late next week - WSL / MagicSeaWeed.com
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