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In the United States, the Super Bowl -- the annual battle that pits the top two American football teams against each other -- is practically a national holiday. Millions of dollars are plunged into the creation and airing of ads that will run throughout the game. Artery-clogging delights like cheese-laden nachos smothered in savory sauces (read: sour cream, guacamole and salsa) seduce fans at parties from coast to coast. And the half-time show -- a spectacle that, with its mega-watt musical stars, dozens of costume-changing dancers, eye-poppingly elaborate lighting and, often, a moving stage set in the middle of the football field, is the definition of excess -- is an event unto itself.

This year, the Super Bowl that unfolded Sunday, February 4, was a classic David vs. Goliath scenario, in which an underdog faced a mighty titan in a battle of, well, biblical proportions. In this case, the underdogs were the Philadelphia Eagles who, until Sunday, had never won a Super Bowl. The Goliaths were the Patriots, who have won five Super Bowls since the early 2000s, and have a Quarterback (the top player of a team, integral for scoring) named Tom Brady, whose stardom on the field is rivaled only by that of his celebrity off it. Brady's athletic achievements are so incredible, in fact, that we could think of just one other American sports icon whose talent could match -- if not eclipse -- it: Kelly Slater.

Instead of arguing amongst ourselves, however, we'll leave it to you: Who, in the end, is the true GOAT?

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