Best of the Volcom Pipe Pro

Best of the Volcom Pipe Pro

Technically speaking, the Volcom Pipe Pro is a Qualifying Series (QS) contest worth 3,000 points for the winner, and is the second QS event of the season for the Hawaii/Tahiti Nui region. But in practice, the annual event is so much more: A chance for up-and-comers to rack up some qualifying points; a rare invitation to surf Pipe with only three other surfers; and, above all, a place for emerging talents to prove themselves on one of surfing's biggest stages.

This past week was packed with all that and more, as Mainland USA's Cam Richards became practically a star; Australia's Jack Robinson proved his barrel-riding mettle yet again; and local hero Joshua Moniz clinched an eleventh-hour win, in front of his proud ohana. Here's the best that the Volcom Pipe Pro had to offer.


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