With Mick Fanning's upcoming retirement, Championship Tour standouts Tyler Wright, John John Florence and Lakey Peterson discuss what the icon's influence means to them as they head into the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. The 3x World Champ started his competitive career at Bells when he won the event as a wildcard in 2001. Athletes have been taking notes ever since and not just on his competitive approach but on his character as well.

Tyler Wright:


"[Mick's] taught me more about life than a lot of other people have. …to me, that is the most valuable thing that I could ever think of, is that you are known more for the human that you are than what you've done. Even though what you've done is absolutely incredible and mind-blowing."

John John Florence:


"I'm excited to match up with Mick. It's his last event so I'm sure he's going to be surfing at his best. He's got nothing to lose and that's usually when people do their best it seems like, when they're free to surf how they want. That's what makes me excited to compete".

Lakey Peterson:


"I think the person to watch here is Mick Fanning. He's won it more than anyone. He just surfs the bowl so well."

Mick Fanning:


"Knowing through last year that it was the last time I was going to be at some of these events, instead of getting all sad and emotional about it, I felt like I celebrated that within myself, and always took a moment to reflect. But we'll see. I could be bawling my eyes out, I could be cheering. I just don't know, I'll see what happens on the day."

Check back for the call Thursday 7:30 am AEST, and watch daily on the WSL and Facebook between March 28 - April 8.

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