It wasn't even noon on Tuesday before the upsets began at Bells. The sun was just rising, in fact, when Hawaiian Tour sophomore Zeke Lau began paddling in tiny, intimidating circles around World Champ John John Florence in their Round 3 heat. Lau's tactic worked, and he set the tone for the day by ultimately eliminating Florence from the event. Elsewhere, in a case of competing allegiances for fans, Brazilian Italo Ferreira ousted fellow Brazilian Filipe Toledo. And later, with less than a minute left on the clock, Brazilian Silvana Lima found a wave that clinched her Quarterfinal win over three-time World Champ Carissa Moore. Here are some of the best waves so far from the Rip Curl Women's Pro and men's Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

Women's Quarterfinals, Heat 3: Caroline Marks Advances to Semifinals

Rookie Caroline Marks Continues to Impress
The 16-year-old Florida native eliminated Johanne Defay on Tuesday and will face Stephanie Gilmore in the Semifinals.

Women's Quarterfinals, Heat 2: Tatiana Weston-Webb Continues Her Hot Streak

Tatiana Weston-Webb Powers Through to Semis at Winki
The Kauai local continues her streak at Winkipop with an 8.00, eliminating Nikki Van Dijk in the Quarterfinals.

Women's Quarterfinals, Heat 1: Silvana Lima's Last-Minute Heroics

Silvana Lima Eliminates Carissa Moore in Quarterfinal Battle
With ten seconds left on the clock, the Brazilian earns a 7.27 to take the win from Carissa Moore at Winkipop.

Men's Round 3, Heat 8: Italo Ferreira Breaks Through

Italo Ferreira Dominates Round 3
The Brazilian earns one of the highest heat totals of the event so far with two 8-point rides, eliminating an on-fire Filipe Toledo.

Men's Round 3, Heat 7: Zeke Lau Eliminates JJF

Ezekiel Lau Gets Early Jump Over John Florence at Bells
The Hawaiian earned a 7.00 on his opening wave in Round 3, which set him to take down World Champ John John Florence.

Men's Round 3, Heat 6: CT Returnee Pat G. Defeats the Jeep Leader

2018 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: Round 3, Heat 6
J. Wilson vs. P. Gudauskas

Men's Round 3, Heat 5: Mick Fanning Stays in the Game

Mick Fanning Advances to Round 4
The 3x World Champ eliminates Sebastian Zietz -- Fanning will meet Matt Wilkinson and Patrick Gudauskas in Round 4.

Men's Round 3, Heat 4: Wilko Stops Colapinto's Path of Destruction

Matt Wilkinson Ends Griffin Colaptino's Rout
The seasoned Australian earned an 8.00 in Round 3 of the Rip Curl Pro, effectively ending the California rookie's stellar run so far.

Men's Round 3, Heat 1: Defending Event Winner Jordy Smith Is Out

Rookie Wade Carmichael Eliminates Defending Event Champ Jordy Smith
Wade Carmichael is moving on to Round 4 at Bells after eliminating the defending event champion, Jordy Smith.

Women's Round 3, Heat 2: Tatiana Weston-Webb, En Fuego

Tatiana Weston-Webb Rips Bells Apart for a 9.23
The Kauian has found her stride here, surfing with electric energy and charging ahead to the Rip Curl Pro Quarterfinals.

Women's Round 3, Heat 1: Carissa Moore Is Back

Carissa Moore Lights Up Bells
The Hawaiian earned an 8.33 and a Round 3 win during the first heat of the morning against Nikki Van Dijk and Kobie Enright.

Women's Round 2, Heat 4: Stephanie Gilmore Is Resurgent

Stephanie Gilmore Reignites at Rip Curl Pro
The six-time World Champ emerged from a slow start at Bells to blast through Round 2, including a nod to Mick Fanning.

Women's Round 2 Heat 2: Sage Erickson Survives

Sage Erickson Survives Bells Round 2
The Californian eliminated Bronte Macaulay on her way to a heat win Saturday, while her opponent's run came to an end.

Women's Round 2, Heat 1: Caroline Marks Takes Down World No. 2

Rookie Caroline Marks Strikes Again
Saturday at Bells, the 16-year-old Florida wunderkind eliminated Keely Andrew -- current World No. 2 -- from the Rip Curl Pro.

Men's Round 2, Heat 10: Italo Ferreira Sets new 2018 Bells Bar

Italo Ferreira Gains Ground at Rip Curl Pro
The Brazilian earned the highest-scoring wave of the men's event so far with an 8.33 in Round 2, eliminating rookie Michael Rodrigues.

Men's Round 2, Heat 3: Sebastian Zietz Scores Big

Sebastian Zietz Sets Pace on Day Two
Seabass earns the highest score of the event so far with an 8.17, eliminating Ian Gouveia in Round Two of the Rip Curl Pro.

Men's Round 1, Heat 12: Fanning's Farewell Begins

Mick Fanning Begins Last Dance at Bells
The Australian drew a huge crowd for the second day of the Rip Curl Pro, earning a 6.60 to take a Round 1 heat win.

Will he win his last CT event, ever?

Men's Round 1, Heat 6: JJF Bounces Back

John John Florence Heads for Bells Round 3
After an early loss on the Gold Coast, the two-time, reigning World Champ bounced back Friday at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

Because he's not the two-time, reigning World Champ for nothing.

Men's Round 1, Heat 3: Jordy Smith Defeats Pat Gudauskas

Jordy Smith: Last-Minute Heroics
The South African earned a last-minute 7.30 to put him in the lead against Patrick Gudauskas and Caio Ibelli.

The South African found a wave in the dying minutes of Heat 3, earning him an 7.3 and a mere 0.03 edge over Patrick Gudauskas for a buzzer-beater win.

Men's Round 1, Heat 1: Griffin Colapinto Sends Filipe Toledo to Round 2

Rookie Griffin Colapinto Sends Filipe Toledo to Round 2
The youngest rookie on Tour just took down Brazilian wunderkind Filipe Toledo in Round 1 of the Rip Curl Pro at Winkipop.

The California rookie's path of destruction continues.

Women's Round 1, Heat 5: Lakey Peterson's First Heat as No. 1

Lakey Peterson's Hot Streak Continues
In her first heat as the Jeep Leader, the Californian opened with this searing 7.50 for the heat win in Bells Round 1.

Peterson donned the Jeep Leaders' jersey after winning on the Goldy, and she reaffirmed her winning ways in Round 1 at Bells.

Women's Round 1, Heat 3: Silvana Lima Tears Winki to Shreds

Silvana Lima Charges to Round 3 at Bells
The Brazilian, who has won here at the Rip Curl Women's Pro, attacked a perfect Winki wave Friday for an 8.17 and the heat win.

The Brazilian powerhouse, who sports a tattoo of the Bells trophy on her body since winning here years ago just might win again.

Women's Round 1, Heat 1: Carissa Moore Opens Bells with a Bang

Carissa Moore Tears into Winki
With her signature power-turns and as much speed as she could muster, the 3x World Champ set the bar in the first heat of the Rip Curl Pro.

It was less than a minute into the first heat of the event when Carissa Moore set the bar for the day with this 7-pointer. She went on to win her heat.

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