After the devastating storm that hit Hawaii last weekend, a sequence of flooding incidents have impacted several areas on the island of Kauai, destroying houses, causing power outages, and leaving hundreds of people stranded. Hawaii's Governor, David Ige, has declared a state of emergency, as authorities continue to evacuate residents and visitors by air, road, and water.

Laird Hamilton, a big-wave icon who lives on the island with his family, has conducted over 75 rescues in the past few days. Hamilton told CNN he's been using his boat to coordinate the rescues, and that he didn't suffer any property damage so far as his home is on the high side of the flood plain. Hamilton's heroic rescues are not limited to people. Approximately 80 bison were found in different parts of town, and safely moved.

Hamilton's wife, Gabby Reece, posted this picture on Instagram, saying, "We could all learn from the Hawaiian culture of mobilizing and helping."

Authorities will continue to work on removing people from dangerous and affected areas, as well as monitoring potential developments for this disaster. The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for all the Hawaiian islands through Friday afternoon.

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