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Updated Friday, April 20th

EVENT WINDOW: April 24th-29th

Brief Overview:
Expect continuous, good-quality surf throughout, with longer-period northwest swells mixed with a shorter-period northerly component, and more solid pulse arriving later in the week. Wind conditions will be best in the mornings, with cross-onshores picking up during the afternoon.

The chart shows a healthy North Atlantic, with a large high over the Azores and a series of lows tracking across the north between Newfoundland and Scotland. The situation is expected to persist for the next week or so, with those lows generating several pulses of swell for Portugal. A more powerful system develops around the beginning to the middle of the week, which could produce some larger swell towards the end of the week.

Relatively low pressure over the Iberian Peninsula pushing against the eastern flank of the Azores high is generating northerly winds along the coast of Portugal, becoming fresh or strong from time to time, particularly as it combines with thermal effects during the afternoons.

MSW Forecast for Santa Cruz 2018 MSW Forecast for Santa Cruz 2018 - WSL / magicseaweed.com

On Tuesday expect some west-northwest swell, combined with a short-period northerly component. Wave heights are around three to five feet, remaining steady most of the day but perhaps increasing slightly in the afternoon. Winds are light northerlies at first, quickly becoming moderate to fresh north-northwest late morning onwards.

On Wednesday the swell increases slightly but is partly swamped by a larger short-period component. Wave heights are a lumpy five or six feet and winds are moderate north-northeast at first, picking up to fresh or strong north-northwest by mid-morning.

A more solid pulse of northwest swell is set to arrive on Thursday, with wave heights around five feet or so. The swell is more lined-up and not so swamped by the short-period component. Expect good wind conditions early morning with light north-easterlies, but deteriorating in the afternoon with moderate to fresh north-northwest.

For next Friday and the weekend, the Azores high is forecast to weaken, meaning weaker pressure gradients over Portugal and a respite from those northerlies, particularly in the mornings. A couple more lows track across the northern North Atlantic, so expect a continuation of good-quality small to medium surf.

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Pro Santa Cruz pres. by Oakley brings Europe's Best surfers to central Portugal.
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