Seth Moniz: "It Was the Craziest Wave I've Ever Had in a Heat"

Seth Moniz: "It Was the Craziest Wave I've Ever Had in a Heat"

Seth Moniz revitalized the crowd Saturday afternoon at the Vans US Open of Surfing - Men's QS after punting a massive air in Round 5 - earning the highest single wave score of the event with a nearly perfect 9.87. Everyone on the scaffolding went mad for the 20-year-old.

"That was some superhero stuff right there," said commentator Strider Wasilewski. "I got chicken skin watching that."

Moniz, who is currently ranked No.2 on the Qualifying Series, eliminated Californian Evan Geiselman and will be moving onto the Quarterfinals in Huntington Beach. He'll have his hands full with former event champ Kanoa Igarashi in Heat 4.

Seth get some massgae help from his mom before his big air! Seth Moniz - WSL / Steve Sherman

"I took off on that wave and I was going to go for a full rotation but I miss timed it and I kicked my board out a little too hard," said Moniz after his heat win. "I thought I lost my board mid-way. I felt it separate from my feet. As I was coming down I somehow caught my board with my feet. Sometimes when you land like that the white water pushes you off. But I don't know everything just came together on that one."

The next call will be Sunday morning at 7:00am PDT.

You can watch the Vans US Open of Surfing live on CBS Sports Network (US only, check local schedule), the WSL website, the WSL app, and Facebook.


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