- WSL / Laurent Masurel
- WSL / Laurent Masurel

Merely hours after wrapping up in England Sunday night, the Caraïbos Lacanau Pro launched today and competitors went back to work in good four-to-five foot surf. The event ran 28 heats to complete the first two rounds and half of Round 3. The women's QS will likely launch tomorrow.

A few surfers had to surf multiple times today, and the level of performance went up a notch in each round. Arthur Lassee who built momentum in the morning went on to post the day's biggest performance.

Arthur Lassee (FRA) .Caraibos Lacanau Pro 2018 Arthur Lassee could definitely relax and have a bit of fun with such a good start in his heat. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"I felt good this morning but I didn't get the good waves," he said. "This time I got lucky with that bomb right on the buzzer. It's perfect to start a heat like that, especially cause I usually struggle on my first few waves. We have great conditions today and it seems the whole week is going to be really good."

Splitting his time between his native Caribbean island of Martinique and his now residence in Florida, Lassee spends much of his time traveling and perfecting his surfing but admitted to want to compete more often. Today he opened his second heat with an excellent 8.67 and quickly backed it up with a 6.17 to control the heat from start to finish.

"I really want to compete more but it's not easy and it costs a fair bit," he continued. "But that's my goal and I'm taking this time off to train a lot and work on my boards. I'm riding RT boards at the moment and they're incredible so I'm happy with those. Living in Florida is a great opportunity, I surf twice a day every day and there are great coaches there to work with. I'm thinking of moving to California in about a year too."

A new crew of Aussies also launched their campaign in Lacanau today, including the Sunshine Coast's Thomas Cervi, who scraped through his Round 3 matchup. The shifty lineup has given a lot of competitors headaches today but Cervi managed to find two decent scores and will advance to Round 4.

Ben Penny (AUS) .Caraibos Lacanau Pro 2018 Another new Aussie, Ben Penny on a good little right. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"It was pretty tricky but I guess I got the job done!" he said. "I went to Chile earlier with a few mates and we all sort of gathered a team and decided to come over to Europe. It's a pretty punchy little beachbreak and I like it so far. My goal ultimately to get to the quarters, semis or final. I'm feeling good and I have a great board so fingers crossed I can keep going."

Not everyone found the waves they were looking for out there but when Leon Glatzer did, he made sure he'd capitalize on the opportunity. In his second heat of the day, in Round Three, Glatzer had his back against the wall in the dying seconds sitting in third place. He'd spent his time throwing massive airs into the wind but was up until then unable to land them.

Dylan Groen (DEU) .Caraibos Lacanau Pro 2018 Glatzer was not the only flying German today, Dylan Groen in action. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

He finally found a little section to work with and completed a full rotation to post a 5.67 and advance, tied in second position with Eduardo Fernandes but with a higher single score.

"Conditions are actually quite fun out there," Leon said. "I like waves like that with good air sections and fun rights. I'm feeling weak off my legs but starting to get better, but I'm happy to be back here, I always like coming to Lacanau. It was a close one but I figured if anything came I'd just go for it."

His year hasn't been a walk in the park either, he started in January with an MCL tear to his knee, spending three months in rehab in Germany. He started surfing again seriously a little over a month ago but caught a bug in Indo that's been troubling him since. But by the looks of it he's off to regain his form and will be entertaining to watch in the process.

Geovane Ferreira (BRA).Caraibos Lacanau Pro 2018 Geovane Ferreira was one of the top scorers in Round Three so far. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

Surfers in the remaining heats of Round 3 will come back at 8 a.m Wednesday for an early start, while the women will come in at 10 a.m for their early rounds.

Tune in from August 14-19, 2018 and check out all the photos, videos and updates right here!

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