In an all-Peruvian Final, former WCT World Champion Sofia Mulanovich (PER) came out victorious at the ASP 4-Star Rip Curl Girls Pro Qualifying Series presented by Powerade in San Bartolo, Peru. With a dominant performance, Mulanovich defeated the 2013 event winner, Anali Gomez (PER) by a score of 14.75 to 9.75 respectively. By winning the event, Mulanovich took home U$ 7,000 and 1,000 points towards her ASP Women´s Qualifying Series Ranking.

“I'm so happy to have won this contest, but I knew that I couldn't celebrate until the end of the heat because Anali (Gomez) surfs incredibly well,” stated Sofia Mulanovich. “It was a pretty slow Final, but I'm glad to have gotten my revenge against 'La Negra' (Anali Gomez) who beat me last year in the Final in Punta Rocas. But what makes me happiest is to see all of the talented surfers from Peru ripping and getting good results. Anali really motivates me and I really admire her style. Now I can choose which contests I want to participate in without any pressure of having to get a good result. I can just have fun and keep surfing always.”

During the Quarterfinals on the final day of competition at the ASP 4-Star Rip Curl Girls Pro, Mulanovich scored the event's highest heat total of a 17.75 (out of a possible 20 points) over Georgia Fish (AUS). Mulanovich followed her outstanding execution by eliminating Demi Boelsterli (USA) in the Semifinals, by a close score of 12.80 to 11.95 respectively.

Despite falling short of her goal of replicating her event victory in 2013, Anali Gomez was pleased with her performance throughout the contest.

“I'm stoked to have made it to another Final against Sofia (Mulanovich), but unfortunately there wasn't much I could do,” claimed Anali Gomez. “There just weren't enough waves and the ones I did catch just closed out on me. I enjoyed the competition, just not the lack of waves in my heat.”

After having a significant showing at the Rip Curl Girls Pro Qualifying Series, Silvana Lima (BRA) was eliminated in the Quarterfinals. However, she climbed up to 6th place on the WQS rankings and currently qualifies for the 2015 WCT tour. Another surfer to build momentum throughout the event was Jacqueline Silva (BRA), who made it to the Semifinals before being defeated by Anali Gomez.

“I'm still pleased with my result,” said Jacqueline Silva. “I wanted to make it to the Final, but I knew that my heat against Anali Gomez was going to be difficult. I did my best, and a 3rd place finish against such great athletes wasn't that bad. My goal is to make it back onto the WCT and getting a good result leaves me feeling more confident. But I still don't have a major sponsor and I'm still depending on donations to continue competing.”

In Heat 2 of the Semifinals, Demi Boelsterli (USA) showed off her modern surfing and compiled a solid lead before losing to Mulanovich in the final minutes of their heat, 12.80 to 11.95

“That heat was a lot of fun,” said Demi Boelsterli. “I was ahead since the beginning, but then all the waves started going to Sofia and I just couldn't get the points I needed to win. But I'm leaving Peru feeling I accomplished what I came to do. Peru is a wonderful country and I really had fun here in San Bartolo. I'm going to keep working hard and this result will help me achieve my goal, which is to make it onto the WCT.”

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