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- WSL / Swilly

Cyclone Oma has not disappointed this week. Firing up the points on the east coast of Australia, it's been going off everywhere from Kirra to Noosa. Despite some big tide swings and breezy conditions at times, there have been some pretty epic scores … and the swell is expected to continue to pulse well through the weekend.

The highlights began to trickle in via social media, with some of the Championship Tour's favorite stars locking into crazy, mind-bending barrels. To date, Jack Freestone gets all the bragging rights thanks to a never-ending tube at Kirra. There have been some memorable moments via Oma thus far, but Freestone's wave is just nuts, a once-in-a-lifetime miracle. The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast is about a month away and to see rides like this go down on such a well-groomed sandbar is getting us all kinds of fired up for the start of the 2019 season.

World Champs Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson won the Internet with their tandem tube at Kirra. Sharing is caring and these two have been swapping waves on the Goldie all their lives. Now that both are living the free and easy life in retirement, they are having more fun than ever.

When Parko retired he said he wanted to hang around home and surf. The man's been doing just that on this swell. Busting out a 6'6" six-channel single-fin shaped by Ian Byrne, a board he recently won at the Burleigh Single-Fin Festival, his lines and style are as pure and inspiring as ever.

To be expected, the Oma swell has garnered a lot of attention and the lineups on the Gold Coast have been well utilized. But Wade Carmichael found himself a brief moment of tranquility on a swirling, sandy, frothy pit. While he may have only got two waves during his afternoon session, he appears to have made the most of it. With the lineup to himself, he'll be dangerous at the Quik Pro if there's swell.

When it comes to capturing the majesty of Kirra in all her glory, nobody does it better than Ted Grambeau. While he's renowned for his travel photography and being a key player in Rip Curl's "The Search" program, he always seems to make some magic when he picks up his camera in his backyard. Besides this instant classic, check Ted's Insta feed and take a look at his recent work from Nias.

Soli Bailey's highlight came in the form of a combo. A couple big, sweeping turns out the back before ducking into a running barrel. A subtle fist pump as he kicks out would indicate he liked it. He will be another one to keep an eye during the Quik Pro.

Julian Wilson, Wade Goodall, Asher Pacey, Kyuss King, Harrison Roach and heaps of other charges were on it. The session was a beautiful combination of style and surfboard design. From single-fins, to twin fishes and modern thrusters, everyone was ripping in their own unique way, proving yet again, it's a wonderful time to be a lover of surfboards. There's something out there for every approach, a fact that was on full display at Noosa.

Three-time WSL World Longboard Champ Taylor Jensen splits his time between California and Australia. Considering how rainy, cold and windy it's been in Southern California lately, he's probably pretty happy he was hunkered down at Noosa for the Oma swell.

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