- WSL / Thurtell
- WSL / Thurtell

North Beach, Durban - A serious sewage leak in the Durban harbour has forced competition organisers to cancel Stop No. 4 of eight on the WSL Africa Tour this weekend. The Zigzag Durban Surf Pro was also the third of four events in the City Surf Series, following on from the Nelson Mandela Bay Surf Pro, and the Royal St Andrews Hotel Port Alfred Classic.

After careful consideration, liaising with city officials, the World Surf League (WSL) and the surfers, the organisers of the City Surf Series (CSS) cancelled the competition for the safety of the competitors and event staff.

"It was not an easy call to make and we looked at many alternatives," said Colin Fitch, WSL Africa Operations Manager. "We need to maintain the safety standards associated with an international sports event and we have the support of Surfing South Africa, the national surfing federation, on this call,"

"Our regional tour is so important to us, our sponsors and especially our members but we will not take any chance with the future of our sport and organisation by not doing the right thing," said Fitch.

The WSL Africa surfer's representative and local surfer, David Van Zyl agreed with organisers on the call.

The next stop on the WSL Africa Tour is the Vans Surf Pro Classic from 31 May - 2 June at Lambert's Bay.

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