- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari

Editor's note: This story was originally reported on Friday, May 24th with incorrect information about Mikey's injury. We have since corrected this and were able to get the complete story from Mikey (below).

Mikey Wright has officially withdrawn from the 2019 Margaret River Pro due to an ongoing back injury. Wright's injury replacement for the event will be Portuguese surfer Frederico Morais.

"Mikey Wright has withdrawn from the Margaret River Pro due to a back injury that he suffered during the Volcom Pipe Pro last year," said WSL Tour Director Renato Hickel. "Mikey re-injured his back during the Rip Curl Pro Bells event, impacting his ability to surf during the Corona Bali Protected."

Hickel continued, "Frederico Morais, WSL Replacement #2 has accepted the invitation to compete in Margaret River. WSL Replacement #1, Caio Ibelli is already in the Main Draw, replacing Top 34 surfer Adriano de Souza, who is also dealing with an ongoing injury."

The WSL recently caught up with Mikey over email to discuss the situation.

BALI, INDONESIA - MAY 20: Mikey Wright of Australia is eliminated from the 2019 Corona Bali Protected with an equal 17th finish after placing second in Heat 14 of Round 3 at Keramas on May 20, 2019 in Bali, Indonesia. (Photo by Damea Dorsey/WSL via Getty Mikey Wright deep in the pocket at Keramas. - WSL / Damea Dorsey

Walk us through your decision to withdraw from the Margaret River Pro.

The reason why I'm pulling out of WA is that I made a pact to myself that if I start to have pain in heats, I'll stop and get it fixed.

It started at Bells and I pushed through to Bali, but couldn't keep doing it to myself. After being in pain and not sleeping for a month and a half, you start to feel like you're going a little loopy.

What happened at Bells?

At the start of Bells, I had Rhabdomyolysis which put me in hospital for two and a half days on an IV drip. I got out on the Wednesday, the 17th, the day the comp started.

Then on the Thursday, I was surfing small waves and hurt my lower back. Since then, I've been in a lot of pain and trying to do whatever I can to keep pushing through and keep on going, with the WSL doctors helping me through it.

Is this related to the back problems you were having last year?

It is related, but I was almost back to 100% before Snapper started. Then after Bells, it put me back a long way in the healing ... but I'll be back again and strong.

What's your plan for rehab treatment, and when can we hope to see you back?

What's next is just focus on getting it better and make sure I see the right people and getting it back to being strong and pain free. And also get a bit of sleep in, haha.

Frederico Morais Frederico Morais chaired up the beach after his win at the Pro Santa Cruz, a Portuguese QS 3,000 event that took place in April. - WSL / Pedro Mestre

Wright, the 22-year-old surfer from Australia, spent the majority of last season in pain from the injury he sustained at the Volcom Pipe Pro in the beginning of 2018. He would later go public about his injury and diagnosis, two bulged discs in his back, after pulling out of the Vans Triple Crown when the pain became unsustainable.

Morais, currently ranked #22 on the QS, makes his CT return after a disappointing 2018 season.

The 27-year-old made his full-time debut on the CT in 2017 after a late season surge up the QS rankings -- in 2016 he jumped from #46 to #2 after coming in 2nd at the Hawaiian Pro and Vans World Cup.

In a tough go for the Wright family, Mikey now joins his sister, 2x World Champ Tyler Wright, on the injury list. Tyler Wright is currently sitting out the opening half of the season due to a delayed recovery from Influenza A and Post-Viral Syndrome.

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