- WSL / Andrew Nichols
- WSL / Andrew Nichols

The first-ever Los Cabos Open of Surf Soft Top Soiree at The Cape specialty event is ON! Follow below for live coverage from Monuments Beach featuring Rob Machado, Josh Kerr, Sage Erickson, Jhony Corzo, Mitch Coleborn, Anastasia Ashley, Blair Conklin, and a few local wildcards.

The first round will include three, three-competitor heats as they vie for the top 4 heat scores to earn their place into the Semifinals. Forty-minute heats will provide plenty of opportunity for surfers to find their two best rides and garner a spot into the money round.

Final: Mitch Coleborn vs. Josh Kerr - Complete, Congratulations Kerrzy!


The Final is underway with 35-minutes to determine who takes out $5,000 and the Soft Top Soiree at The Cape title.

Mitch Coleborn Mitch Coleborn starting things off in an all-Aussie Final. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Coleborn starts off with a few hammers on his forehand to accrue a 5.50 and get the Final started.


Coleborn adds a 3-point ride to his scoreline to extend his wave over Kerr who hasn't found a score of significance just yet. But, moments later Kerr finds himself on a solid Monuments Beach left to earn a 6.00 to regain the lead.

Josh Kerr Kerrzy throwing himself into sections. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Coleborn keeps hunting and finds himself a few major turns to garner a 4.33, but still needs more.


An extra five minutes have been added to the Final courtesy of the event director and both surfer's in for a more dramatic finish.


A two-wave set provides both surfers a good look with Coleborn earning a 4.50 to gain back the lead, but Kerr's 5.33 keeps him in front.

Josh Kerr Josh Kerr - 2019 Soft Top Soiree victor. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Josh Kerr claims the inaugural Soft Top Soiree victory!

Semifinal Heat 2: Jhony Corzo vs. Josh Kerr - Complete


It's ON! Corzo gets things moving right away with a 5.33 as Kerr smashes his opening heat to claim an excellent 8.00.

Jhony Corzo Corzo looking to deliver a big upset. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Kerr snags another gem and locks in two backhand, power turns to earn a 7.33 to put Corzo in a tough spot after earning a 6.53 himself just prior to Kerr - though he needs a 9.00.


A quick exchange sees Kerr get tempted by a rare Monuments right that fades into a closeout on the rocks before ejecting out. Corzo finds a small gem that allows multiple turns, but not the 9.00 needed with 14-minutes remaining.

Josh Kerr Kerrzy flying into the Final. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Kerr goes for a backside shove-it as the wave softens, but yields nothing after Corzo continues to hunt for the elusive 9.00.

Semifinal Heat 1: Sage Erickson vs. Mitch Coleborn - Complete

Sage Erickson and Mitch Coleborn Erickson and Coleborn are clearly out for each other in the first Semifinal. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Ten-minute break before Semifinals begin. Josh Kerr pushes Rob Machado out of the Top 4 with Sage Erickson, Mitch Coleborn, Jhony Corzo, and Kerr all into the Semis.


It's ON!


Coleborn finds a quick, 4.33 opener alongside Erickson's short ride to get started for a 3-pointer. But, moments later, Erickson smashes a 6.00 to take the lead.

Sage Erickson Sage Erickson - WSL / Andrew Nichols

After a few small exchanges, Coleborn garners back-to-back waves of significance with a 6.67 and then the day's first excellent score of an 8.17 after multiple turns before floating just behind the main rock. Ten-minutes remaining.


Coleborn continues to find waves but nothing to improve upon his scoreline as the five-minute mark approaches.


Coleborn claims the first Finals slot.

Round 3 Heat 3: Josh Kerr vs. Anastasia Ashley vs. Ana Gonzalez - Complete

Josh Kerr (AUS) at the Los Cabos Open of Surf Soft Top Soiree at The Cape. Kerr wasting no time showing regular footers don't face as much of a disadvantage as he originally thought. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Kerr gets started right away with a one-turn


Quick exchange led by Kerr with multiple, heavy backside turns to garner an 8.33 followed by Gonzalez who was forced to kick out early.


Gonzalez and Ashley struggle to find the rhythm, but Ashley manages to find a 4.50 to keep pace.

Anastasia Ashley Ashley giving it a go to try and overtake the No. 4 spot for a shot at the Semifinals. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Kerr makes an astonishing, floater drop and emerges from being completely engulfed in white water before the day's biggest set cleans up everyone.

Round 2 Heat 2: Sage Erickson vs. Mitch Coleborn vs. Jhony Corzo - Complete


Bomb sets come pouring in to start the heat and clean up all three competitors before Coleborn gets a quick ride to start things off.

Mitch Coleborn (AUS) at the Los Cabos Open of Surf Soft Top Soiree at The Cape. Mitch Coleborn getting some lift. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

Coleborn goes to work on a gem and earns a 6.83 to take an early lead.


Flurry of waves for all three competitors with Erickson earning a 5.50, Corzo a 5.00, in addition to his 5.83, and Coleborn's 4.33 - before finding a quick replacement of a 5.33.


Erickson and Coleborn have a great exchange with the Australian earning a 6.17 and Erickson finding her groove for a 7.67 for the highest score of the day with 10 minutes remaining.

Sage Erickson (USA) Sage Erickson after her 7.67. - WSL

Coleborn smashes a 7.83 in another flurry of exchanges between all three competitors with Erickson earning a 5.67 and Corzo earning 6.83.


Erickson and Corzo find one last ride to end the heat - but neither improve their backup scores.

Round 1 Heat 1: Rob Machado vs. Blair Conklin vs. Robert Krulick - Complete

Rob Machado (USA) at the Los Cabos Open of Surf Soft Top Soiree Rob Machado getting right into the good range at Monuments Beach. - WSL / Andrew Nichols

All surfers have caught their first waves and Machado comes out of the gates with the heat's best 6.83 but the local wildcard Krulick found a 6.33 to keep things close as Conklin looks to find a wave of scoring potential.


Conklin puts his name in the mix with a 6.67 with 20-minutes remaining.


Krulick and Machado, earning a 5.67, have an exchange with Krulick earning a 4.67 after his chop-hop reverse got some cheers from the crowd in attendance before finding another quick wave on the paddle back out - smashing his final turn to accrue a 5.33 with just ten minutes remaining.

Rob Machado and Blair Conklin Rob Machado and Blair Conklin - WSL

Final Results:

1 - Josh Kerr 11.33 - $5,000
2 - Mitch Coleborn 10.00 - $2,000

Semifinal Results:

H1: Mitch Coleborn 14.83 def. Sage Erickson 13.67
H2: Josh Kerr 15.33 def. Jhony Corzo 11.83

Leaderboard after Round 1

  1. Josh Kerr - 14.83
  2. Mitch Coleborn - 14.67
  3. Sage Erickson - 13.17
  4. Jhony Corzo - 12.67
  5. Rob Machado - 12.50
  6. Blair Conklin - 12.17
  7. Robert Krulick - 11.50
  8. Ana Laura Gonzalez - 9.67
  9. Anastasia Ashley - 7.67
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