- WSL / Darren Muschett
- WSL / Darren Muschett

Last year marked a historic return for world-class longboarding at Domes, Rincon, Puerto Rico. The community celebrated a 50-year anniversary of the 1968 World Longboard Championships held at the very same beach, where Fred Hemmings was crowned the champion, with the Rincon 50 Surf Fest and now comes back as a vital stop once more to decide North America Longboard Regional Titles.

For the women, that victory was taken by Peruvian Longboard Tour veteran Maria Fernanda Reyes before heading to the World Longboard Championships in Taiwan. Now, Reyes is back to defend her Puerto Rican title against a field of upcoming talents and fellow veterans. The WSL caught up with Reyes before she heads back to a dream destination and close out her 2019 season.

Maria Fernanda Reyes (PER) winning the Rincon 50 Surf Fest Final. Reyes' smooth style was something to take note of in 2018 and looks to show more of her surfing this time around. - WSL / Darren Muschett

WSL: How exciting is it to be back at a dream wave such as Domes?
Reyes: Returning to Puerto Rico is amazing. It's like being at home because I'm so well received by all the locals and they feel like family. I'm excited to return to such a magical place.

What did winning this event mean to you last year?
It was something incredible. I just want to have fun surfing and enjoy the beautiful place. I think it's the fourth time I've come back and I can't wait for the moment to be there.

Maria Fernanda Reyes (PER) winning her Round 1 heat at the Rincon 50 Surf Fest. Domes from a bird's eye view featuring Reyes en route to her big win. - WSL / Darren Muschett

What's something you're looking forward to coming back?
This week I hope we get some good waves for the contest so I can demonstrate my surfing. It will also be amazing to see all the familiar faces and people I've grown close to over the years here. It's so special and I look forward to another great contest at a fun wave like Domes and Maria's.

The Rincon Surf Fest WSL North America Longboard Championships will run November 15 - 17 at Domes, Rincon, Puerto, with a backup site of Maria's just around the corner.

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