- WSL / Gary McCall
- WSL / Gary McCall

The North Atlantic has been rumbling this season, lighting up pockets of coastline on both ends of ocean. Starting in September, we caught dreamy tubes in Delaware of all places, plus pumping conditions for both the Quiksilver Pro France and the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

Now the Irish big wave slab of Mullaghmore claims the spotlight after a massive NW swept the headland, inviting big wave chargers Tom Lowe and local lad Conor Maguire. Other notables in the water included Nic von Rupp and local legend Andrew Cotton. The crew scored a tasty mix of tow-in and and paddle-in footage.

Red Bull team rider Maguire charged one of the biggest waves of the swell, even making an entry into the XXL Biggest Wave Awards. Meanwhile, Lowe scored an exceptionally difficult paddle-in wave - getting covered by a slab resembling a cold-water version a reeling Indonesian left hander.

The wave at Mullaghmore breaks under a rugged Irish headland protected from the howling south and southwest winds. Building out of deep water, Mullaghmore can handle any swell size but doesn't truly work until well overhead for it to clear the exposed rocks. When it does awaken, you'll see standout chargers from around the world trying their hand at Ireland's big wave proving ground.

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