We don't have the pleasure of getting to see a lot of Gabriel Medina freesurfing. He's not the kind of surfer that drops "banger clips" on the regular. Mainly because he doesn't need to.

The two-time World Champ usually drops his hammers in heats. But Medina and Rip Curl just released an edit that not only showcases the new Mirage Boardshort, but also features the Brazilian blitzing a million miles an hour through Indo.

With only a minute and a half of surfing, it's more than enough to give everyone a sense of where Medina's head is at in 2020. Appearing strong and powerful, he charges through foamballs, flies as high as the birds, and puts it on a rail with a surgeon's precision.

If this what Medina looks like without a jersey on, watch out world. He just threw down a compelling case for why he could contend for both the World Title and Olympic gold this year.

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