Channel Islands Surfboards' recently unveiled a new model simply called "Happy." It seems apropos given the times.

Designed by Britt Merrick, it's another step in the Santa Barbara shaping institution's endless mission to build the best high-performance shortboard. The concept behind the "Happy" is to provide the surfer with complete creative control.

Featuring a "low entry rocker and strategically placed forward volume", the board has plenty of paddle power, gets up to speed straight out of the gates and is plenty spicy in critical sections.

Judging by the Channel Islands' latest video drop, the board appears to go well in any conditions. Showcasing the talents of Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin, Bobby Martinez, Zeke Lau, Eithan Osborne, Josiah Amico and Kiron Jabour, the Happy gets the job done.

"At least being socially responsible means more time to watch surf edits?! Stoked to be part of the new @cisurfboards team flick," said Coffin.

The board is available in both your standard short dimensions, and as seen here, and it also works as a dependable step-up. The design is a result of two years of Merrick's R&D. With feedback from Lau, Lakey Peterson, Mikey February and Connor O'Leary, the board is Tour tested.

"Happy's refined rails and thinned out tail make for a highly responsive board that is also extremely forgiving through critical maneuvers," reads the board description. "Single concave under the front foot, transitioning into double between the fins, and flat off the tail give the perfect combination of speed and control."

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